Thursday, September 3, 2009

You will?

Why didn't I figure this out a long time ago?

When potty training, you teach so much more than how to go on the pot. There's pulling up pants, putting down the lid, flushing, washing hands, and the dreaded wiping.

Toddlers should never be allowed to wipe themselves. Ever. Period.

Miss Cheeks, however, has voluntarily and independently taken on this task, without asking how I felt about it.

It scares me.

Finally (and I know you potty training moms will think I'm crazy for reverse training her) I have gotten her to ASK for me to do it. So now, she does the beloved, "MOM, I'M DONE!" at the top of her lungs until I arrive.

But she hasn't gotten down the close, flush, wash thing yet. So we're working on it.

Cheeks: Mommy, I wanna wipe myself.
Me: That's ok, I'll do it.
Cheeks: But I want to.
Me: Well, I'll let you flush the toilet, ok?
Cheeks: You WILL??
Me: Yes, I will! (smiles)
Cheeks: You will?
Me: I will.
Cheeks: OK. (and she flushes. Halleluja!)

Why didn't I think to use reverse psychology on her for this earlier?

Uuuuuuhhhhhhh...... dunno.

What a wonderful mommy moment. Ahhhhhhhhh

Aren't you so glad you read this, she asks, while letting out a sinister little laugh.


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