Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's been "a week." One helluva week. I don't know why. I'm having "a month," "a summer," "a season." Of something. Uffda. Where'd my joy go, that's what I'd like to know. But who wants to hear about that.

So thanks to all the BlogFroggers for reassuring me that I'm normal. :D Or whatever. lol. I appreciate it, though.

I have managed to unneccesarily freak out on everyone so I took/am taking a hiatus from all things computer related. Well, except right now. Seeing as I'm online and all. Hey, I can break my own rules. This removal from all things computer realted is an attempt to find sanity elsewhere. That's sort of laughable, isn't it? Mothers with Sanity. A club I'll never qualify for. You know what I mean, though.

I am making slow but steady work on finishing up my room. So I can have one cotton pickin' place to go that's MINE! (With a door, in case you missed that!) I finally finished painting the trim and the walls. I, additionally, stripped the closet of it's TOTALLY funky (and ancient) wallpaper. I really should take a pic of it. The wallpaper, that is. Closet's not much to look at. Really. I'll take a pic to prove it. Left on the junket is painting the floor, then hub has to switch out the electrical sockets so that they're white, not off white, to match the trim, and install the light fixture we've had sitting around for 6 yrs. I really would like to remove all the door hardware and sandblast it, but I'm willing to forgo that for the sake of peace and quiet and private moments behind a door. Did I mention it has a door? Oh, and the best part, besides the door, is THERE WILL BE NO CHILDREN LIVING IN THAT ROOM. Ahhhhhhhh. That will be grand. Until then, please don's stop by as my house is a maze of paint cans, paint brushes, rando, closet contents which include really dusty blankets and a blow-up pig my BIL gave to my Hubba-Hubba at his bachelor party (and can you believe it's still blown up... 6 1/2 yrs later!), and bad furniture. There's really no place to walk. Especially in my current bedroom. It's so so very very bad. But not for long. 

Ok, enough babbling.

In kid news, Lil'D has made great advancements in the walking arena. He finally decided about a week and a half ago to just go for it, and can now bee seen walking across the living room, occasionally, though he still crawls plenty. He is working on a new tooth, and has a whopping case of  don't-put-me-down-or-I'll-bawl-you-deaf-itis. He is working on adding some new vocabulary to his very small list. We are up from cracker to what's that, sit down, thank you, and no.

B-Boy is doing fine at school. The teacher seems to have warmed up and is no longer weird. New year jitters is what I'm chalking it up to. He complained daily of hating nap time, but a chat with him, mom and teacher, plus the bribe of jerky nuggets has seemed to halt that.

KJ LOVES school, and wishes she could go every day. In fact, she asks me every day, is today my school day?

Cheeks, well, she's always dirty, pees her pants regularly, and still loves her blankie and fingers with no sign of letting go. Basically, business as usual for her.

They're all wonderful and trying, challenging and comical, lovable and irritating, all the time. Cuz, ya know, they're kids. More on that another day. But right now, I have to deal with an unhappy, hungry walker, who is not content to sit on my lap and not touch the keyboard.


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