Friday, September 25, 2009

Underwear, chicken strips and eyeballs.

I love what kids think is funny. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just funny because they think so. I love it when their little sense of humor develops. And we do have those sillies, too.

B-Boy's new favorite saying is straight out of Alvin and the Chick-a-monks (cuz no one in my house says it correctly, or not anymore).
"Dave likes to wear
smelly underwear"
It's a little funny, and not strange to me that they think it's funny, but when he repeats it over and over in his own little chipmonk voice, THAT'S funny.

Then there are "the things they say." The unintentionally funny ones.

Today, we were sitting at the table and Cheeks says, "Mommy, I want more chicken strips." As in, corn flakes. Of coarse! That was so obvious.

I laughed. This got KJ laughing, and then on a silly jag where she started chanting and making up rhymes about eyeballs, and just the word "eyeballs" was funny to her, and so she laughed an exagerated, deep gut, loud, infectious laugh. It was good.

My favorite of the day was the more heart melty thing, but not really comical.

I was making supper when KJ asked if we could have "happy pancakes." I'm thinking, happy pancakes?

Light bulb!

Why, sure we can! With rainbow sprinkles? What would happy pancakes be without rainbow sprinkles!

Now don't tell me that doesn't make you smile.

:D See, they really are happy.


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