Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm not making this stuff up.

I mean, really. How could I? (OK, well the stuff at the end I did "make up," but only because I was forced to. It really did happen, though.)

I've been making a running list, cuz this is stuff you wanna remember. (And to note, I started this list, like, 2 weeks ago, before everyone else started posting this stuff. Just sayin'. Cuz sometimes I just don't like to jump on everyone else's bandwagon.)

The things they say...

Mom, we're playing "put each other in the oven." (I also noticed it entailed chopping each other up. saywha?) (B-Boy)

Ring around the rosy, gash, gash gash gash. (Cheeks)

Mom, I'm brushing my hair. See? That's what girls have to do. (KJ)

Ca-coo. (translation: cracker) (Because he doesn't have many words. But it's a cute one.) (Lil'D) Sorry. Couldn't leave him out.

Helloooo! Is there anybody IN there? (KJ, trying to get mama's attention.)

Mom, are you gonna sell us to the gypsies today? (B-Boy)

I have a wiener. haa-ha (Cheeks, in a nanny nanny boo boo voice) Me: no you don't.

There's a zibicada (cicada). (Cheeks)

I want hunchy boats. (Cheeks) (Honey bunches of oats.)

Mommy, your rocket ship is dripping. (Cheeks) (Talking about a lava lamp.)

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the letters for Miss Brenda's room. (KJ) (Huh?)

Mom, I'm quitting my job. It's not there anymore. (B-Boy) (talking about school.)

The things I say...
...because the things we find ourselves saying are sometimes as equally surprising and amusing.

What other tools besides daddy's razor saw do you have outside?

Cheeks, did you go potty in your pants at the park again? Then you need to wait until you are home to take off your pants and underwear.

Please stop touching my boob. It's weird.

No,  you may not make cement in the wagon. Well, if it's grass and sand cement then I guess that's ok.

Did you just pee in that bucket?

We do not pee, outside, in a bucket, in the front yard, with our sister watching. Dump the pee, throw the bucket away, and get inside. Yes you will throw the bucket away. Pee is gross. And besides, the bucket is cracked anyway.

No, Cheeks, don't play in the pee. Oh, gross! Stop stop stop! Ugh. Go wash your hands now!


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