Monday, September 7, 2009

Sometime you win...

And sometimes you don't.

But today was mostly a "win" day, I think. Minus a few bumps in the road.

It started out with me waking up with some pretty healthy neck pain. (Not a win) I have been having neck pain for about a month. Now it's on the other side. Oh well.

Neck pain does not make for a cheerful person. (Not a win) But I got over it (Win) when my darling Hubba Hubba woke up crabby as usual (Not a win) and I was determined not to let him stay crabby, so I became sickeningly sweet and un-crabby. (Win!) This worked in my favor when I reminded him that it was his idea that I wait until Monday (today) to take our eldest shopping for school clothes (an absolute must!). Since it was his idea, despite the fact that he was inwardly cursing himself, he found it hard to argue. (Win!!!!!)

I didn't have to make lunch (WIN!!!!) as we had a family picnic at the park with my extended family. I did, however, fork over 8 bucks for a bag of chips and some ranch dip at the gas station (NOT a win) since our small town has no grocery store. (The trade-off of small town living.)

Went shopping with my little boy, got one on one mama-son time. (Win). Found a pair of shoes he liked or could be talked into liking. (Win) His excited, happy expression when he tried on a pair of jeans he actually liked and gasped "Oh, mom, look!" (WiiiiiiiiiNNNNN!!!!) Leaving The Children's Place with 2 pairs of nice jeans, a long sleeve T, a pair of shoes and only $45 lighter. (WIN!)(Score!)

Baby asleep when mama came home. (WINWINWINWIN)

And supper.

s i  i  i  i  i  i i i i igh.

Well, when baby D woke up from his nap, he was having a tantrum in his crib before I even got up there. (So NOT a win) As long as I was holding him, he was great. But I had to make supper. So he screamed bloody murder for the better part of an hour and a half (suck-o not a win-o), minus the few times I could pick him up, between washing pans to cook in, and making meatballs (totally a two-handed project). But... (pause)(smile) .... when everyone was finally seated...

A h h h h h . . . .  b l i s s.

There was much chomping and slurping and humming and "yummm"-ing and "this is so good, mom" and "you make really good suppers mom" and "can I have more (a third helping) of noodles?" (What a WIN!)

Even Lil'D ate all his. And was QUIET! Thank. the. Lord.

And to make it even better, it was kind of healthy. (Win). Parmesan buttered noodles (whole-grain spaghetti). Meatballs (half turkey, half beef). Garlic bread (with actual garlic on it).

But everyone was happy. ('cept me cuz I only got one meatball.) And that's what makes it the best "win" of all!


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