Friday, September 11, 2009

New Adventures and a calmed down mama

Now that I have regained my composure and some sense of reason, things are fine. Calm. Calmer. And hopefully they stay that way. My mama jitters surely got the best of me, but B-Boy did just fine. I don't think he had any jitters at all.

But before we get into any details, lets reminisce a bit.

Two years ago, my little 3 year old boy, then brother to one and a half sisters (one bun was still in the oven), started his first day of preschool. I was not nervous at all; He may not have been completely happy to be there. He's not the type to cry when I leave, but when I picked him up (after a whole 2 and a half hours), he had a few tears to shed. Here he is, with his little baby face, holding the first picture he ever painted at school.

Sigh. tear. My baby. My firstborn.
Now, at the ripe old age of 5 1/2, he embarks on his new path of school with the big kids, eating a cafeteria lunch, recess, NAP TIME, music class, gym class, and all kinds of other things we are about to discover. It's exciting and scary.

Naturally, as parents, we want our children to be happy, well adjusted, and succeed at what they do. As a mom, I'm protective to a degree, worry just a little, and love a whole lot. Having listened to him say everyday, both before and after, for the first year and a half of preschool that he didn't want to go to school, I began to get worried that this was going to last a lifetime. And I don't want that. He's got that boy tendancy to not be so interested in learning his letters, or to write his name, couldn't really care less that letters form words, and words say things, and you can read all about hunting and guns and airplanes and fish. He is very curious, and learns lots of things, is very intent and watchful, quick to imitate. But just not like that. So I imagine that some of this year may be challenging to him. Which is why I want him to have the best teacher for him. We had some unexpected turns, which he has accepted amazingly well, whereas his parents, not so much. As we are learning to just wait and see how things go, he's diving right in, like it's a normal part of everyday, just regular old stuff. Hm. Ok!

I was VERY relieved when I asked him how his first day of school was, and his answer was matter-of-factly "great." Wow. He doesn't use that word very often. That's a good sign. So what? I did all that fretting and freaking and blogging and such for nothing??? He also told us all about how he went to the music room with Mr. Noxious (I have NO IDEA if that's his name, that's just what I heard), played on the baseball field, and read about the Gingerbread Man. Did you know he RAN AWAY? Gasp, really?? Yeah, and it's NOT FUNNY! (giggle giggle). We also heard about how he ate a chicken patty, applesauce, a roll, chocolate milk and (?something else). Wow, that's a LOT, KJ exclaimed.

And truly! That was a lot. A lot of information from a boy who is not expressive, in any sort of detail, about things he's not excited about. So for him to tell me 3 things about his day, and all five things he ate for lunch? That's amazing.

I/we have decided to stay calm, and see what happens. Granted, I have to do this for myself, as well as hold back the reigns on my husband, who happens to be a much more fierce a protector that I. So "we're" trying to stay calm, rather than go in there, guns blazing, and bowl the poor woman over. I do, however, plan to be the proactive advocate for my child, should the need arise.

My qualms about this teacher are still there, but maybe because it's just not how I would do things. So we're watching. His second day did send a little spike in the blood pressure when we heard those words "I don't want to go to school anymore." But in plugging him for more info, he was hot and couldn't sleep at rest time. Ok, so he wore shorts and a t-shirt today. And it's a bit cooler. We're trying to make the best of it. And I also decided that I'll prompt him to go say "good morning" to her, because that's good manners, and we want to show her what good manners we have. ;)

Deep breath, and e x h a l e .


  1. It all sounds great, Kelly.... and normal. I think the newness of school seems so overwhelming to US.. but to them, its an interesting new discovery at every turn. The teacher thing did sound a little odd... but who knows why. Maybe its her theory that if she doesn't make a big deal about anything, the kids jump in better. Maybe she's a grump. Who knows? But it seems like he is doing just fine. I would say my oldest is my most reluctant, in every sense of the word... but when she has been pushed (beyond MY comfort level), it was then that she thrived.

  2. I read your comment on the MckMama community board about groceries for under $100/wk and I wanted to tell you: there is no possible way I could ever shop for my husband, 3 kids, and dog for less than $150 a week. $40 a week is totally unrealistic for me. which means that your $175 is, in my opinion, totally reasonable.

    my oldest just started preschool. i was so excited for school to start, i thought i was going to drop him off and then do cartwheels all the way back to my truck. instead, i dropped him off and did the funny breathing thing where you are trying not to cry. fortunately, my kid thinks preschool is the cat's ass.

    by the way, your childrens are freaking adorable. and, like everyone else you have ever met, i want to ask you how do you *do* it? i can hardly keep track of three. 4 would surely be the death of me.

    i'm glad your son is settling into kindergarten well, despite the teacher's strange behaviour.