Monday, June 11, 2012

Wanted: Toilet

Moms, by profession, talk about excretion a lot. Occupational hazard, I suppose. This is one of those posts.

We need more bathrooms in this house. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Once bathroom for seven people, (one not even yet potty trained) is NOT ENOUGH. Really fun with small children or while pregnant, too.

The timing of my children's bathroom needs is impeccable. If we sit down to a meal, guaranteed at least one child will have to get up, within two minutes of sitting down, to go use the bathroom. I considered charting it to see just how often it really happens, but then I decided that would be gross, and unnecessary work. Who needs more work? Not I!

Another fun fact - you know how ladies can sync their cycles? Yeah, pretty sure my monkeys have synced their cycles, too. Their bathroom cycles. So they all need to go URGENTLY all at once. Nothing like having three people who need to poop, the one who takes the longest got there first, and the two in line are the littler ones who don't do so well at holding their bowels or bladders or whatever the case may be. This makes for a rather panicky situation for all parties involved, including me, since I would be the person cleaning up any disasters. 

Maybe I need to decrease the amount of fiber in their diet. Just a thought.

And of coarse, we can't forget the leave-the-house-have-to-pee-before-arriving-at-destination or the seven different trips to the bathroom while in the W-mart. No wonder it takes me 90 minutes to get in and out of that place. Did I mention that we went on a walk last week? Not two blocks from our house and someone had to go. This particular child has some interesting practices as it is, like waiting til the last possible second before deciding or announcing she has to go and then we have to RUN for it, or when she does have to go, she loses all ability to think, particularly fun - actually, it is funny - when she wakes up and needs to go. I know what the problem is by her characteristic cry and stomping on the floor as she does the pee-pee dance while standing next to her bed. This one requires intervention as she will stand next to her bed stomping until she does in fact pee herself, but that can be avoided by quickly guiding her to the bathroom, but make sure you lift the lid for her because she will sit down without doing that. Not good.

We live in a 1 1/2 story house, and our sidewalls are short. An upstairs bathroom is not an option. But... Recently I've been wondering if their is any way we could add one in the basement. Granted, we'd have to rip up concrete and all. We used to rent a place where the was a freestanding toilet in the basement. Not ideal, but it's better than a port-a-potty and don't think I haven't thought about renting one of those for the summer. I don't know that I want the smell and the flies of that option, though. Plus, my 3-almost-4 yr old is too curious, and I'm not at all interested in fishing out toys or some such thing from that.

ugh. shivers.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Outspoken. Yep, that's me.

Hello dear, poor, neglected blog. I think about you all the time. Too bad you don't have a voice app for blog posting. Too bad I don't have something that does apps. Something in my brain so all my thoughts could be recorded would be great. Well, maybe not all my thoughts, just the ones I want to blog. I'd settle for voice recognition software in a small pocket-size device, though.

I was talking to my mom the other day about marital woes, which weren't major marital woes, (I was having other woes and navigating how my spouse could assist me), but when you mix two people from different upbringings, different histories, different ways of thinking, feeling, doing, it makes woe. Occasionally. I don't usually talk to my mom about that stuff because I don't want her to worry (she has enough going on, and woes are fleeting), because it's my marriage and I'm an adult, and I just don't feel she's the right person to share that kind of stuff with. (I don't talk about my, ahem, physical marital relationship with her either. Same sort of  'not the right person' thing.) But I just sort of leaked it out, and amidst my frustrations, tears and apologies for it all, I sort of sarcastically asked her if she and my dad ever had those sort of problems in their earlier married years or was it always smooth sailing for them. Did they have those problems of mis-communication and different ways of doing things? (Those probably weren't the words I used but we'll just go with that here. ;D) 

Her response: No, but I wasn't as outspoken as you are.

Ha.      Hmmm.       Interesting.         (long pause for contemplating)

It should be noted that my parents have been married pert near 43 years. A big whoop whoop and holla to that.

For the record, I'm not naive enough to think that *any* relationship is EVER always smooth sailing.

I have done a bit of thinking (before this and since) of what did/do those people who aren't "outspoken," who don't speak up or stand up or express their right better strong opinion do with their thoughts and emotions. Do they suffer in silence? Are they just happier than I am? Am I too dis-contented? Did I marry the wrong person? (NO, I did not. Of this I am completely sure. Totally right for me, even, or especially, when I don't like it. Iron sharpens Iron, right? sigh) Maybe those more quiet people don't have those feelings? Maybe they don't feel the need to speak up? Or feel they have the right to? 

I dunno. Can't relate. That's clearly not me. (insert a little, slight, inner giggle here. ju-u-u-u-u-ust a teeny one)

I find it hard to believe that someone wouldn't have those feelings. But the having and not expressing? Completely unfathomable to me.

Sometimes it's a good thing. Sometimes it's not. :) Either way, I didn't get my name (which means Bold Warrior) by accident. God made me outspoken. So what's a girl to do?