Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A routine ultrasound on Monday became un-routine, as the tech sent me to the lab for bloodwork. An inconclusive ultrasound? No one really was telling me anything and I got freaked a bit, but tried to rationalize that I was getting worked up over nothing.

After my blood draw, I called the on-call dr's nurse (because wouldn't ya know it, my OB is on vacation) who explained that it could just be too early and the baby is too small to see, but they want blood work to see that the baby is growing. So I have to come back in 48 hrs for more bloodwork, so they can compare hormone levels.

The second blood draw was today. Not so good on the numbers part. Not what they should be. The on-call doc called me and explained that "it wasn't for sure, but that it was very likely you will miscarry. Sorry to give you such bad news."

Numbers can be wrong. Doctors can be wrong. No pregnancy is "typical." (I had a dr friend tell me this.)

I cried. I don't want to lose this baby. I, strangely, am happy to be pregnant. We are happy.

I think there are prayer warriors on duty out there tonight, as I feel much more calm, peace and hopeful. God is in control. You can read my other post on this blog for more on that.

But I would still appreciate your prayers.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camping! Well, sorta.

Warning: picture laden
I feel as though I may never finish this post. I started it when we came home, back on the 13th of July. sigh. It WILL get done. But I'm putting it on hold again, for the sake of lunch and my hunger induced nausea, so I don't know it will get posted today. sigh. But it WILL happen, because I hate the fact that I have all these great post ideas, or things at least semi-noteworthy, but never manage to get them up, cuz a month after the fact, they kind lose steam. Steam or no steam, I will force you to hear about and see all the fun we had in Stewartville, MN. By golly!

Way back when... jk. Mid July, we went on a mini-vacation at a campground and stayed in "The Lodge." That was a very nice "camping" experience. We were dry when it rained, had very nice indoor, fully equipped plumbing, and no sand or dirt in our food. Oh, and BEDS! Not that we don't like "roughing it" but with small children, we get enough dirt and the like at home, and mommy needs as much sleep as she can to have at least a modicum of sanity. We still got to have a campfire, complete with s'mores and sticky fingers, roasting sticks from the woods, and a few mosquito bites. Hey, it IS Minnesota!

However, the getting there was not how you would want to start a vacation. Not only did we get on the road 3 hours late, there was a barfer in the car, a speeding ticket from a very crabby trooper, and when we did get there, finally found where we were supposed to check in, the keys were stuck in our room doors, and stayed there the entire weekend. Lucky for them we're small town people, and that didn't ruffle our feathers. They were very helpful and very friendly, letting us use all kinds of extras: the vacuum, a mtg room down the hall so that we could all eat together, at a table, and not outside with the bugs, and the cook allowed us to use her own private little propane grill.

It was a very nice weekend, enjoyed by all. Most of our time Saturday was spent in the pool. That was great fun. Even daddy joined in, the person who NEVER dons a swimsuit. And I think he had a great time, too. The kids all certainly enjoyed this time with him.

My youngest little monkey was not fond of the water, or the sun, so it didn't last long for him. I'm surprised someone even managed to snap a pic. He needed a nap, and after a long, failed attempt at getting him to sleep, mommy rocked him, and he slept like this for a good hour and a half. Little foot peeping out of the blanket, resting on the front seat back. It was cute.

Next in line, Cheeks had fun paddling herself about in this little thing, and preferred to sit in it backwards. Whatever makes her happy. She was also the ONLY one of the kids to attempt the water slide, and even went down twice. Then she decided she was scared. There is no fear in this one. She also enjoyed a ride with daddy.

Miss KJ jumped right in (figuratively) and was entertained with trying out all the floaties and toys we brought along. Which also meant, of coarse, that we all spent a good amount of time blowing them up for her. Those goggles are so hilarious. I can't imagine they are comfortable, what with their eyeballs bulging out and all, but those kids were determined to wear them anyway.

Mr. B-boy was VERY trepidatious about the water, and what we were going to do to him in it. Daddy spent a fair amount of time trying to convince him to be brave and let go, while having the flesh ripped off his neck by little boy fingers in a choke hold around his neck. He did finally venture out on his own, to the entrance of the pool where he could touch bottom, and experimented with his own comfortable level of bravery. He wants so desperately for me to buy a snorkle set for him, but I have refused many a time with the reason that he doesn't put his face in the water so he wouldn't be able to use a snorkel mask. I compromised and bought the cheapy goggles, and he's still practicing, even in the bathtub. But he's still asking for the "diving equipment."

Beautiful One had fun for a bit on the sidelines, soaking up the sun, as teenagers are wont to do, and hanging out with Grandma. She did join us in the water, and did an awesome job playing with her sibs. They love her so much!

The MIL enjoyed taking crazy pics from the sidelines, keeping an eye out for all the little ones, and getting a good sunburn. She's not really camera shy, but played the part well in this little series. ;)

And lastly, I can't leave out the punching series. Grandma had these blow up punching gloves. All the kids had a fun time whacking someone or other.

Our time at the pool sufficiently tired us all out. Some people got a really long nap. Others, like, um, ME, did not. But I'm used to it, I guess.

Next post: campfire, bunkbeds and car fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh, you're gonna wanna read THIS. Trust me.

And you'd better leave a stinkin' comment, too. And No, I don't mean on FB. Don't you dare leave a comment on FB. You know who you are. Leave one HERE! thankyouverymuch. :D You know I love you all.

Cuz my life is so... fun.





I just didn't think that was enough.... whatever.

First, I should start off mentioning how great it has been to have her here. And so sad to see her go in a few short days.

Second, my BABY just turned one. Can you believe it? Crazy. Amazing.
It's funny (not really) how they turn one and... change. It's like an overnight thing. Seriously. Sends you reeling. Huh? Who IS this child? And where did my sweet baby go?

Lil'D has now taken to climbing... everything. But then what do you expect from someone who breeds monkeys. I mean, why would he be any different than the others. sigh.

To celebrate this momentous occasion (of birth, not climbing), we did... nothing. Because it's crazy busy, everyone is stretched, tired, and frankly, we're broke. Well, more or less. So we're gonna wait a few weeks. But I DID make cupcakes, at least. (having nothing to do with a certain sweet tooth that is killing me and a virtual plethora of frosting in my fridge, to which half a shelf is dedicated.)(And no, it certainly wasn't me who sneaked ate 3 cupcakes the first night I made them. Oh, wait. It's not Monday? Oh well.)

Now, to the point. As I was saying about my life not being crazy enough, apparently He

has a different thought on that. (Really, God?)(And just for the record, I laughed HARD!)(and the pic of God "zapping" the world into creation is quite appropriate. I feel like I've been "zapped.")

See, because this

doesn't always work. You know, it's only 99.9% effective. Someone has to be in that .1%. (Yes, that was point one percent, not one percent.) So we got this:

Yes, that is what you think it is. Yes, you may breathe now. And laugh. With me, not at me. And COMMENT! Just cuz I wanna know who of my friends now knows. (As for how the comment thing goes, you don't have to have a blogger acct to comment, you can just use ?Open ID I think and put in your email address, though no one has access to that. Not even me. I think.)

For the record, we're very happy about this. Because apparently someone thinks I need less sanity more craziness children. But with how great and beautiful and entertaining the ones He's already given us are, how can we not. Besides, What's One More!

(And No, we're not trying to catch up with our neighbors, for those of you who know who they are. They are much more gifted at this sort of thing than we. Really, Lisa, You rock.)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It has a door!

As for what's been keeping me busy lately:

Besides having 4 children, never enough time, energy or patience, and an unending amount of laundry, dishes and meals to make, my husband's daughter has come for a visit. Beautiful one. We didn't want her to have to sleep on the love seat in the living room. That's a little un-homey, and not nearly private enough for a 14 yr old female. We have slloooowwwwlllyy been working on fixing up one of our unused bedrooms for US (as in ADULTS ONLY) to move into.

This room, formerly known as The Purple Bedroom, aka Becca's Room, is one of the only rooms in our house that still has the original baseboards in it, which just happen to be painted with latex over lead paint. When this happens, if you didn't already know, the paint peels or chips away. So it all had to be scraped, then sanded, primed and repainted. The ceiling had to be mudded as it was this raw plaster stuff that was porous and not pretty. We had already trimmed out the 2 windows. So all that had to be primed and painted. We rushed to get it done, and got it done enough for her to sleep in. We still have to go back and put on a second coat of paint on walls and trim, then we plan to paint the floor (old wood flooring, previously painted - not by us - a dark brown). Things we just ran out of time for.

This is what we started out with. The purple baseboards, lavendar walls, windows newly trimmed. All that purple had to be scraped off. As well as the door. That took me forever. Thank goodness it is only a 4-panel door. All those little curvy edges were painstaking. They don't make tools for that. At least I don't think so. If they do, don't tell me. I'll cry.


We burned midnight oil, and morning, afternoon and evening oil, getting this done while still tending children and all that business. We did have a couple instances where someone(s) tried to help (who shall all remain nameless, and it's not the usually naught one, either.) which did not help the speed of our endeavors. Though it still needs another coat of paint and other stuff (like curtains), here's a sneak peak at my NEW BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been successful at finding the right comforter, yet. But we ran out of dinero from all the other fun things we've been up to, so I have time now. I did buy this periwinkle-ish bedspread, that is at least good for summer use. I want to see if I can make some Roman shades (we like it dark in there when we're sleeping). Not sure if I will put drapes up over that. But can't decide that til I find a bed covering, anyway.

The color I picked out for the walls is called Elephant Gray by Dutch Boy. I took back some other floor paint we had bought and never used (got carpet instead), thinking they could possibly retint it. Well they guy at the place where you can "Save big money at.." generously offered to just exchange it, which means I got to pick out a new color. Man, was that pressure. Picking out a color, AT THE STORE, in that god-awful lighting, and quickly. (A laughable word for me when needing to make a decision.) I thought it was a sign when, of the two colors I was choosing from, one was named Stampede. Get it? Elephant... Stampede? hahahaha.

I know. I'm easily amused.

Once we switch out the outlets, sandblast the door hinges and handles, finish painting the walls, trim and door, paint the floor and get some curtains up, along with putting in our bed etc, I'll post more pics. But this is what has kept me from posting for that really long stretch of time. Forgive? Aw, Thanks.

And yes, it has a door, and once we're in, it will also have a door LOCK!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New talents


But see how I'm having so much fun, mommy!
Yeah, fun til you fell off when my back was turned (another time, I would never leave him like that) and you fell on your head. Twice.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Flower Power

Today was my birthday.
I still had to do dishes and pick up and all that other mom stuff one can't avoid, but told everyone I was not cooking. Have peanut butter and jelly. And I made myself a quiche. :)

My family has started a summer tradition of Wednesday Family Picnics at the Park. So conveniently located across the street from my house. It's become a bi-monthly thing, sorta. My mom and dad, my brothers and wife, and all our kids. (Hubba Hubba's at work. :C ) No one cleans house, we all bring something. Kids play, we sit. They're entertained, we're entertained. It's a match made in... Good Thunder.

My mom brought the birthday fun (except forgot the plates and napkins, oops). This included a pinata (sorry, I don't know how to type that with a tilde) with candy, paddle balls, and big, festive tissue paper flowers that she made. We had fajitas, margaritas, cake and ice cream. It was great. Very festive, and all had a blast.

After that was all done, we headed back to my house so she could check out what's been keeping me busy* (more on that another post), and we had some girly fun and silliness.

Grandma took the pictures while Mama Monkey got silly with all her girls. Beautiful One was having so much fun, that of coarse her little sisters wanted to join in. I have a feeling those flowers will be rather tattered by the end of the day tomorrow.