Thursday, July 16, 2009

It has a door!

As for what's been keeping me busy lately:

Besides having 4 children, never enough time, energy or patience, and an unending amount of laundry, dishes and meals to make, my husband's daughter has come for a visit. Beautiful one. We didn't want her to have to sleep on the love seat in the living room. That's a little un-homey, and not nearly private enough for a 14 yr old female. We have slloooowwwwlllyy been working on fixing up one of our unused bedrooms for US (as in ADULTS ONLY) to move into.

This room, formerly known as The Purple Bedroom, aka Becca's Room, is one of the only rooms in our house that still has the original baseboards in it, which just happen to be painted with latex over lead paint. When this happens, if you didn't already know, the paint peels or chips away. So it all had to be scraped, then sanded, primed and repainted. The ceiling had to be mudded as it was this raw plaster stuff that was porous and not pretty. We had already trimmed out the 2 windows. So all that had to be primed and painted. We rushed to get it done, and got it done enough for her to sleep in. We still have to go back and put on a second coat of paint on walls and trim, then we plan to paint the floor (old wood flooring, previously painted - not by us - a dark brown). Things we just ran out of time for.

This is what we started out with. The purple baseboards, lavendar walls, windows newly trimmed. All that purple had to be scraped off. As well as the door. That took me forever. Thank goodness it is only a 4-panel door. All those little curvy edges were painstaking. They don't make tools for that. At least I don't think so. If they do, don't tell me. I'll cry.


We burned midnight oil, and morning, afternoon and evening oil, getting this done while still tending children and all that business. We did have a couple instances where someone(s) tried to help (who shall all remain nameless, and it's not the usually naught one, either.) which did not help the speed of our endeavors. Though it still needs another coat of paint and other stuff (like curtains), here's a sneak peak at my NEW BEDROOM!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been successful at finding the right comforter, yet. But we ran out of dinero from all the other fun things we've been up to, so I have time now. I did buy this periwinkle-ish bedspread, that is at least good for summer use. I want to see if I can make some Roman shades (we like it dark in there when we're sleeping). Not sure if I will put drapes up over that. But can't decide that til I find a bed covering, anyway.

The color I picked out for the walls is called Elephant Gray by Dutch Boy. I took back some other floor paint we had bought and never used (got carpet instead), thinking they could possibly retint it. Well they guy at the place where you can "Save big money at.." generously offered to just exchange it, which means I got to pick out a new color. Man, was that pressure. Picking out a color, AT THE STORE, in that god-awful lighting, and quickly. (A laughable word for me when needing to make a decision.) I thought it was a sign when, of the two colors I was choosing from, one was named Stampede. Get it? Elephant... Stampede? hahahaha.

I know. I'm easily amused.

Once we switch out the outlets, sandblast the door hinges and handles, finish painting the walls, trim and door, paint the floor and get some curtains up, along with putting in our bed etc, I'll post more pics. But this is what has kept me from posting for that really long stretch of time. Forgive? Aw, Thanks.

And yes, it has a door, and once we're in, it will also have a door LOCK!


  1. Um, are you sure you want a lock on the door? Or even a door at all? For that matter, maybe you should just have all of your kids sleep in bed with you. Because, you know, having a door that locks without kids in the bed is what got me in my current condition if you know what I mean;)

  2. yeah for you and an adult room!!!!