Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Camping! Well, sorta.

Warning: picture laden
I feel as though I may never finish this post. I started it when we came home, back on the 13th of July. sigh. It WILL get done. But I'm putting it on hold again, for the sake of lunch and my hunger induced nausea, so I don't know it will get posted today. sigh. But it WILL happen, because I hate the fact that I have all these great post ideas, or things at least semi-noteworthy, but never manage to get them up, cuz a month after the fact, they kind lose steam. Steam or no steam, I will force you to hear about and see all the fun we had in Stewartville, MN. By golly!

Way back when... jk. Mid July, we went on a mini-vacation at a campground and stayed in "The Lodge." That was a very nice "camping" experience. We were dry when it rained, had very nice indoor, fully equipped plumbing, and no sand or dirt in our food. Oh, and BEDS! Not that we don't like "roughing it" but with small children, we get enough dirt and the like at home, and mommy needs as much sleep as she can to have at least a modicum of sanity. We still got to have a campfire, complete with s'mores and sticky fingers, roasting sticks from the woods, and a few mosquito bites. Hey, it IS Minnesota!

However, the getting there was not how you would want to start a vacation. Not only did we get on the road 3 hours late, there was a barfer in the car, a speeding ticket from a very crabby trooper, and when we did get there, finally found where we were supposed to check in, the keys were stuck in our room doors, and stayed there the entire weekend. Lucky for them we're small town people, and that didn't ruffle our feathers. They were very helpful and very friendly, letting us use all kinds of extras: the vacuum, a mtg room down the hall so that we could all eat together, at a table, and not outside with the bugs, and the cook allowed us to use her own private little propane grill.

It was a very nice weekend, enjoyed by all. Most of our time Saturday was spent in the pool. That was great fun. Even daddy joined in, the person who NEVER dons a swimsuit. And I think he had a great time, too. The kids all certainly enjoyed this time with him.

My youngest little monkey was not fond of the water, or the sun, so it didn't last long for him. I'm surprised someone even managed to snap a pic. He needed a nap, and after a long, failed attempt at getting him to sleep, mommy rocked him, and he slept like this for a good hour and a half. Little foot peeping out of the blanket, resting on the front seat back. It was cute.

Next in line, Cheeks had fun paddling herself about in this little thing, and preferred to sit in it backwards. Whatever makes her happy. She was also the ONLY one of the kids to attempt the water slide, and even went down twice. Then she decided she was scared. There is no fear in this one. She also enjoyed a ride with daddy.

Miss KJ jumped right in (figuratively) and was entertained with trying out all the floaties and toys we brought along. Which also meant, of coarse, that we all spent a good amount of time blowing them up for her. Those goggles are so hilarious. I can't imagine they are comfortable, what with their eyeballs bulging out and all, but those kids were determined to wear them anyway.

Mr. B-boy was VERY trepidatious about the water, and what we were going to do to him in it. Daddy spent a fair amount of time trying to convince him to be brave and let go, while having the flesh ripped off his neck by little boy fingers in a choke hold around his neck. He did finally venture out on his own, to the entrance of the pool where he could touch bottom, and experimented with his own comfortable level of bravery. He wants so desperately for me to buy a snorkle set for him, but I have refused many a time with the reason that he doesn't put his face in the water so he wouldn't be able to use a snorkel mask. I compromised and bought the cheapy goggles, and he's still practicing, even in the bathtub. But he's still asking for the "diving equipment."

Beautiful One had fun for a bit on the sidelines, soaking up the sun, as teenagers are wont to do, and hanging out with Grandma. She did join us in the water, and did an awesome job playing with her sibs. They love her so much!

The MIL enjoyed taking crazy pics from the sidelines, keeping an eye out for all the little ones, and getting a good sunburn. She's not really camera shy, but played the part well in this little series. ;)

And lastly, I can't leave out the punching series. Grandma had these blow up punching gloves. All the kids had a fun time whacking someone or other.

Our time at the pool sufficiently tired us all out. Some people got a really long nap. Others, like, um, ME, did not. But I'm used to it, I guess.

Next post: campfire, bunkbeds and car fun.

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  1. Sounds like a good time! Were you at Ironwood Springs? I used to live in Stewie (well, Racine, but I went to school in S) and my BFF from 5th grade lived at Ironwood. Her parents were the caretakers at the time.