Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A routine ultrasound on Monday became un-routine, as the tech sent me to the lab for bloodwork. An inconclusive ultrasound? No one really was telling me anything and I got freaked a bit, but tried to rationalize that I was getting worked up over nothing.

After my blood draw, I called the on-call dr's nurse (because wouldn't ya know it, my OB is on vacation) who explained that it could just be too early and the baby is too small to see, but they want blood work to see that the baby is growing. So I have to come back in 48 hrs for more bloodwork, so they can compare hormone levels.

The second blood draw was today. Not so good on the numbers part. Not what they should be. The on-call doc called me and explained that "it wasn't for sure, but that it was very likely you will miscarry. Sorry to give you such bad news."

Numbers can be wrong. Doctors can be wrong. No pregnancy is "typical." (I had a dr friend tell me this.)

I cried. I don't want to lose this baby. I, strangely, am happy to be pregnant. We are happy.

I think there are prayer warriors on duty out there tonight, as I feel much more calm, peace and hopeful. God is in control. You can read my other post on this blog for more on that.

But I would still appreciate your prayers.


  1. Well, I guess there was another reason I came over to your blog today. I will pray for your sweet belly and the precious life that is in it. (hugs)
    Thank you so much for offering to pay for my movie. I never imagined that people would offer to send me money. That was CRAZY to think about, you all are so sweet. I felt very weird accepting to have someone send me money but I did because its kinda rude to reject a gift, but CC (she commented on my blog) offered to send me the five dollars. I wanted to make sure you knew how greatful I am to you for offering to send me my "fun movie money." Also, I would have emailed you privatly about this but I cant find your email on your blog. Take it easy, and I will pray that your baby grows and grows. :)

  2. If that baby is as brave and life-loving as you are, (s)he will come alive to this world.

  3. Thanks for letting everyone know, Kelly; prayer support can be so helpful in difficult times!! We are praying that everything turns out great--those levels can be off temporarily, and then really rally later. Hang on!!

  4. Will absolutly be praying your sweet little one and also for you ;) Have peace in knowing that God's in control!

  5. I don't always have the most rational prayers. They tend to ramble and get emotional and girly but I know God hears my heart. And I'm giving you my heart tonight my friend.

    I love you.