Sunday, August 2, 2009

Camping, part two.

The kids immediately began climbing the bunkbeds, which were a total hit. Half the fun of the vacation itself. Too bad we can't have them in our house (low ceilings). Hubba taught Cheeks how to get down off them herself, so that made them more "fun" for us too. Lil'D had fun exploring and wrecking the mini-blinds to the outside entrance door. Too bad my MIL didn't show me how to unhook them so I could raise it up until 15 minutes before we left. Oh well. Sorry!

Her new fun face to make when getting her picture taken lately.
And what's a camping adventure without a campFIRE and s'mores? The kids love that part. Even at home. But it could have something to do with chocolate and marshmallows.

Fun find? A froggy! Who then hopped into the campfire. Sorry little guy.

Lots of fun playing with the big sister!

Lets not forget cuddles with Grandma!
And do you think they would be brave enough to go pet the horses during daylight hours from behind the safety of a fence? No. My children would have to wait until it was pitch black, and we just happened upon a park employee out for an evening stroll. Just us and the horse. Go figure.
Silly girls!


  1. aw...looks like a great time!! cute pics!

  2. Will read more when the go to bed.
    To answer your question, I was on CafeMom, but haven't been there in a while.
    Yes that camping thread was quite the hot have toilet or not have toilet...that is the question. ;)I thought about smores with the roast that was going on.