Saturday, August 15, 2009

August bounty

Lots of Bounty, lately. My little garden is growing tall, and the fruit is finally taking shape. I actually harvested one grape tomato and one decent sized cuke, today. Mmm...

Lil'D is growing so much, getting long, saying a few words, eating table food exclusively, needs another haircut. sigh. I'm not ready to let that baby phase go. How I love it so!
Everyday I look at this little face and think, "Man, I love this kid."
He's also quite the turkey, so don't let those sweet baby blues fool ya. He can empty out my plastics cupboard (and every other cupboard) faster than you can turn around. In his infinite need to chew on stuff, for teeting purposes, he went thru a bit of a phase where upon he was biting flesh. Like, my leg, when I was putting in a dvd; Hubba hubba's chest; B-boy's nose. His absolute most favorite game is seeing how fast he can unspool a roll of toilet paper. (Pretty derned fast, let. me. tell. you.) And he loves to climb the steps, then scream bloody murder for you to come get him. But despite how he makes me want to pull out my hair, dang he sure is cute. I could just about eat him.

These flowers were brought to me a week and a half ago. And they still look great. For those of you who prayed for me/us, Thanks. Thanks a million. Though it did not come to be that I would stay pregnant, I dealt with it emotionally very quickly, and also recovered physically without any sort of pain or trauma. It is strange how "easy" it has been. That's how I know God hears prayers. Truly.

As for August...
Today was an August day. Finally. We've had the coldest July in recorded history, I believe. (Which is why the tomatoes are still not ripe and it's mid August now.) Today was warm and a bit muggy. The kids were getting restless, end of summer antsies were setting in - the park doesn't hold the same allure, "the rules" are getting harder to follow, friends and siblings are having a harder time getting along, even tv doesn't hold their attention for long. So... sprinkler time. Nothing like a good, fun diversion to change everyone's attitude.

This one "jumped" right in.

I don't know what it is with this one always having her tongue out these days.

Brother attacks

It's his steering wheel. Or sister torture device.

She's so expressive.


See? Happy.


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