Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh, you're gonna wanna read THIS. Trust me.

And you'd better leave a stinkin' comment, too. And No, I don't mean on FB. Don't you dare leave a comment on FB. You know who you are. Leave one HERE! thankyouverymuch. :D You know I love you all.

Cuz my life is so... fun.





I just didn't think that was enough.... whatever.

First, I should start off mentioning how great it has been to have her here. And so sad to see her go in a few short days.

Second, my BABY just turned one. Can you believe it? Crazy. Amazing.
It's funny (not really) how they turn one and... change. It's like an overnight thing. Seriously. Sends you reeling. Huh? Who IS this child? And where did my sweet baby go?

Lil'D has now taken to climbing... everything. But then what do you expect from someone who breeds monkeys. I mean, why would he be any different than the others. sigh.

To celebrate this momentous occasion (of birth, not climbing), we did... nothing. Because it's crazy busy, everyone is stretched, tired, and frankly, we're broke. Well, more or less. So we're gonna wait a few weeks. But I DID make cupcakes, at least. (having nothing to do with a certain sweet tooth that is killing me and a virtual plethora of frosting in my fridge, to which half a shelf is dedicated.)(And no, it certainly wasn't me who sneaked ate 3 cupcakes the first night I made them. Oh, wait. It's not Monday? Oh well.)

Now, to the point. As I was saying about my life not being crazy enough, apparently He

has a different thought on that. (Really, God?)(And just for the record, I laughed HARD!)(and the pic of God "zapping" the world into creation is quite appropriate. I feel like I've been "zapped.")

See, because this

doesn't always work. You know, it's only 99.9% effective. Someone has to be in that .1%. (Yes, that was point one percent, not one percent.) So we got this:

Yes, that is what you think it is. Yes, you may breathe now. And laugh. With me, not at me. And COMMENT! Just cuz I wanna know who of my friends now knows. (As for how the comment thing goes, you don't have to have a blogger acct to comment, you can just use ?Open ID I think and put in your email address, though no one has access to that. Not even me. I think.)

For the record, we're very happy about this. Because apparently someone thinks I need less sanity more craziness children. But with how great and beautiful and entertaining the ones He's already given us are, how can we not. Besides, What's One More!

(And No, we're not trying to catch up with our neighbors, for those of you who know who they are. They are much more gifted at this sort of thing than we. Really, Lisa, You rock.)



    Ooooo Kev is gonna be so excited!!!!

    CONGRATS!!!! Oh and hmmm..weren't you just laughing at me recently when I mentioned something long overdue? JUSTICE!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


  3. Oh,Oh,Oh, Kelly--
    That is so cool! I am really, really excited for you--another personality to add to the mix! You'll have fun, I PROMISE!! (just maybe not all the time ;-))

    It is always wonderful to hear that the Lord is blessing another family...and I love to pray for moms and their babies. Thanks for the post--you made my day!

    We love you guys!

    Lisa (who only has eight.....)

  4. Oh my goodness. It makes me a little nervous considering what we have in common! Congradulations!

  5. CONGRATS!!!! That is so exciting. I knew that this is what it was going to be when you posted on facebook. Wow!! When will the due date be!?!

    Megan Schwichtenberg

  6. Tee hee. I always knew you secretly wanted to be just like me.

  7. God is STILL in control. He is up there just laughing with you. Congrats!

  8. Amanda - I PROMISE I'm not in a contest with you. You can win this one. That's JUST. FINE. WITH. ME.
    Megan - tentatively March 15.
    Julie - ABSOLUTELY! Love it. Totally know that. I had a harder time with Dillon, because that wasn't in "my" plan. And I was in a different place. Though I still knew he was in it, it was harder to accept. This one, it's a joyful laugh. And he's definitely in it! God is good... all the time!

  9. Did you already had an offer from the Mirena rep to take this post out of your blog? ... :-)
    Just kidding.

    Really, Congratulations to you and to the whole Berg family.

  10. good heavens, girl! that is pretty amazing. your womb is like a luscious garden...:) just think how much more exciting your blog can be now! bonus:)
    -becky webb

  11. Hehe. So you're kids are way more apt to let out secrets than you are! During our snack, all three of them slipped your secret but I brushed it off thinking they were being silly. But now....WOW!!! Super cool!!! Any other time you need a rest, give us a call. Yesterday was a blast!

    ~Krista Monson

  12. I love your family! The bigger the better!!
    ~ Bri

  13. I've just gotta know how this happened. I have that same Bc and am now a bit concerned!!
    Oh yeah and by the way CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Like you said, what's one more??!!