Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me, Monday business.

Welcome to a blog carnival of "share-apy", courtesy of MckMama. The day you shamelessly don't confess all the things that didn't happen in your life. Because such things would never happen in the homes of such respectable people.

Like the fact that I did not find that my youngest daughter had eaten a whole entire bag of chocolate chips. The. whole. bag. In less than an hour.

I do not have an infant child who can eat an entire whole (as in, uncut) apple, skins, core, and all, by himself. It does not keep him completely occupied and in essentially one place for nearly an hour. Nor is he immensely pleased with this "treat."

Regular bathers that we are, here, I did not arrive at church to remember that one such KJ still had frosting smeared in her hair from a wedding the night before. I most certainly would have noticed the frosting at home when I was brushing her hair, there. Because I am a stickler for grooming, and never forget to brush, or wash. Especially before church or school. And I did not attempt to "hide" the greasy frosting hair with a poor attempt at a pony tail on top, fashioned from unbrushed greasy hair without a brush. I am way more prepared than that.

On a day when B-Boy had a 2 hour late start, and daddy was home to man the rest of the crowd, we did not arrive half an hour late for the 5th day of preschool. Because having to dress and feed only one child instead of four means that we should have arrived early. I am obsessively prompt. Always. R i g h t.

And now.. If you'll join me, I am creating my OWN blog festival called "I Love... Mondays." Check the main blog page and see the latest and greatest. Or... be the first person to link! Thanks!


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