Monday, September 21, 2009

Circus time!

It's time. Time to join the circus. Or carnival. Or whatever. I think I'm more of a circus act (think freak/side show, but hopefully not bearded lady) than a carney rat. Kudos to MckMama for her creativity and honesty in coming up with this free form of therapy. And boy, do I. need. therapy.

Warning: this may be a little heavy on the Lil'D tales. (haha, if you say that fast, it sounds like "little details."

Sorry. I'm easily amused. Ahem. Onward!

I did not turn my back on a Lil'D, knowing he likes to stand up in his high chair, only to find him covered in butter. I did not place his high chair a little too close to the counter. I did not just leave the butter as it was, and continue using it, baby slobber and all.

On the same day as the butter incident, I did not have to wash his hair 3 times, with shampoo, because of various things he smeared on his head.

Sticking with High Chair Times, I also did not find this child hanging over the side of the high chair tray, feet first, in an attempt to get himself down. This would not be the first indication that some things were about to change.

I did not go to a friends house, assure him he would be safe on the stairs (he was) as he could only go up, not down, only to be instantly proven wrong by his quick and skillful descent.

This child did not start walking in the last two weeks, as in taking more than 2 steps and actually traversing across the room and beyond. Even at child #4, this still amazes the heck out of me. We do not enjoy watching him waddle / stagger, and then plop down when he loses balance. I do not find it hilarious how babies hold their arms up like goal posts. My children still do not shriek,  "Mom, look! He's walking. Awww!"

Stairs and walking. Lordy, what will I do!

I shamefully have not taken any video of this momentous walking (seriously) because I did not misplace my snappy camera with the video capabilities. I have not (really) shared this detail with my husband, so don't you, either! This lost camera is not an indication that my house is already getting out of control.

I did not have a computer wide (mostly) freak out on my blog, FB and BlogFrog. This did not lead to me banning myself from even just sitting in the computer chair, (yes, I'm that much of an addict) in order to hopefully get something done. It also had nothing to do with feeling guilty about spreading my doom and gloom worldwide. I did not break my own rule withing 48 hrs.

My husband was not on the crappy end of said doom and gloom. My guilt about that did not lead me to say "yes" to getting a boat loan (albeit small one) for another boat. No, we do not have two boats now.

I did manage to accomplish something, though it is still not finished (yet). Because of my ongoing "project," my upstairs hallway does not look like this:

Please do not notice the MOUNTAIN of blankets, pillows, laundry basket and other assorted goodies, in addition to all the painting supplies, furniture and random bags of garbage. Thankyouverymuch.

I did not find Lil'D playing with the (possibly dangerous) recyclables and garbage. I did not allow him to continue playing with it because he was quiet and content and he had finally stopped bugging me / crying. That would be gross, completely irresponsible, and I do not have such an intense need for "mommy freedom" lately as to allow my child to play with objects that could injure him (possibly).

Ok. Well, enough blog share-apy. Please check back for a blog carnival of MY OWN that I am doing today. No doom and gloom involved. I promise!


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