Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blue, but not totally dreary

Cheeks just "drank" a bit of granulated garlic. Her complaint, "my mouth is burning." My thought, maybe the garlic will keep an impending cold at bay. And I laugh. Cruel mommy.

It is Homecoming Week at school this week. Not that my kid has any idea what that means, or that there's even something called homecoming, he does know his mom has dressed him up a little weird so far. Monday was "Closet Vomit" day. He wore a brown, blue and white plaid shirt with a yellow and blue striped tie. Yesterday was "Crazy Hair" day. We went more punk rock, with a blue spikey do, but who's checking. Today was "Hat Day" (they're not allowed to wear hats during school). The next two days will see little participation from us, unless my clean laundry pile turns up a green John Deer shirt for Blue and Green School Colors day, and we ain't got nothin' to wear on Sports Jersey day, clean or dirty. We're not sporty here. Maybe we could borrow something from Uncle Timmy. Hmmm... or not.

Though props to the Minnesota Twins who won two great games in a row, catapulting them into World Series territory. (Hey, it's hard to avoid it. If you don't here about it on every bloody news report, at least 27 people have something about it as their status on Facebook. MN sports seem to be making headlines this week as even a friend from Atlanta GA mentioned something about our Monday Night Football game. Jeepers. Farve who? Oh, that guy that doesn't even know how to say his own last name right? Yeah, cuz the R sound should come after the V. Duh!)

On the blue hair, if I had to recommend something, I would not recommend the spray in stuff if you're looking for longevity. When I picked him up, his scalp was still bright blue, but the hair was rather faded old-school Oompa Loompa looking. Next time I will try out the colored mousse. Though that may take longer to wash out. This stuff was easy. And may I just say how excited this kid was about coloring his hair blue! Seriously. Too funny.

And yes, that is a fat lip he is sporting. This is what happens when you goof around in the dark when you should be laying quietly in your bed sleeping.

For some reason, the center function is working strangely here. Oh well. And does this pic have a blue hue to it or is it just me? I promise his lips weren't blue when I was taking the picture.

Speaking of hair... someone... ---^ needs a haircut. Good golly. This same someone  has also gone from mostly crawling to mostly walking. He is also sporting the latest in boogers- running-down-your-face. Truely lovely. I love this season. This very very excrutiatingly long season. No, not winter, but the Booger season.

And speaking of excrutiating... one year molars suck. (Sorry, it's true.) For everyone involved. Poor boy (and poor mama who had to listen to it) cried, bawled his head off, inconsolably so, for 2 hours yesterday morning, even after doses of both ibuprofen and tylenol. Thought I was gonna lose my noodles. I'm sure I lost brain cells. I would have rather lost them drinking a nice glass of wine, but felt it inappropriate to pop the cork at 8:30 in the morning. Maybe next time I'll do that, now knowing what's coming.

In other news... nothing.

Today the sun is shining. It's been... what... a week and a half? Rained every day. Summer took forever to get here, and only lasted the month of September, minus a few hot days in May and June. Then, all of the sudden, the coolness of late autumn barfed all over us, bringing rain and unseasonably low temps. Tomorrow... more rain. And some flurries of snow this weekend, they say. greeeaaaat.

Oh wait. I take that back. News is I've finally moved into my new bedroom. With a door. Hallelujah. I have even gone up to my room, in the middle of the day, just to lay on the bed and hang out in my room. Because it has a door and it's quiet. Ahhhhhhhh. God bless America. or whatever.



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