Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Me on film.

There's a new movie coming out about my life... sorta. haha. Kidding.

Sounds right up my alley. But should I drag the husband.... hmmm... Probably not.


  1. hahaha! can't wait for this one :) wish we could go together!

  2. This movie looks great!! I hadn't heard of it before! AND it had MARK GREENE from ER! Woozah!

    Thanks for the comments and brownie points! :)

    TBD= To be determined.

    You should definitely finish if you have the opportunity!! Feel free to ask me any questions! Happy to help anytime! My e-mail address is in the upper right hand portion of my blog. Or just leave a comment! :) Most of my classmates are full time moms, business women/men, some grandparents! It's doable!

  3. Hi! Awe, thanks so much for writing about MckMama's kids :) I actually did find them earlier this week :) I knew 2 of the boys, but didn't know Kieran or Maisi. I finally found them though. Thank you though - so sweet of you :) You have a beautiful family - such precious kids :)

  4. Just nominated you for an award; pop on by