Monday, October 12, 2009

I Love...Mondays

Each day has beauty. Sometimes we need to try harder to find it. I know I do. This is my effort to combat those blahs and blechs. I'm setting my mind on things above, those things that are true, lovely and pure. Things that are excellent or praiseworthy, I'm thinking about those things.

I love Mondays. I do. It's not a lie.

I love my morning "coffee," my cobalt blue mug, leaves, color, nature, God, my children, snow, my children eating snow, beautifully captured photographs, a good eye, a new perspective, black and whites, my love-hate relationship with my camera. I love blur, also known as bokeh. I love encouragement. I love prayer. I love my husband. I love my husband's old, soft, worn-out white tshirts. I love contrast.

I wish I knew how to manipulate photos to increase color saturation, so that the colors were more vivid. Like I see them. Or to make them truly black and white. I would love that.

Things I love today, in pictures.

I would love to hear what you love. Leave a comment?


  1. Oh, those are beautiful pics! A great (free) online photo editing program that I use all the time is picnick. It let's you upload your pics and edit them there and then and save a copy back onto your computer. It's super fun to play around with. I am NO photo guru, and even I could figure it out. Give it at try it at and have fun!

  2. I love all your pictures!!!
    I totally agree with thegypsymama! you should open an account with to edit all your pictures!! just play with it! I used to use it before I got my photoshop!
    You have a great blog here!!!
    Have a Lovely♥Tuesday!

  3. Your pictures look a lot like mine...with snow. Are those recent pictures?

  4. I love the snuggling with my 2 year old...he climbs in my lap, snuggles his head right in my neck, and just loves to rock with me. I love the smell of my children fresh out of the tub...nothing is better than squeaky clean kiddos! and I love the smell of a spring morning. I also love your pictures!