Monday, October 26, 2009

I Love... Mondays

God edition.

I love prayer. I love feeling the touch of the Holy Spirit when praying for someone, the fall of tears like a cascading mountain stream, seeing God move.

I love the call of prayer, feeling led to be used. I love how it has it's own strength, it's own hope, it's own power, it's own life. The only requirement of me is to listen, to hear it, and to be obedient.

I love the rainbow of colors that blanket the ground as I look out my window across the park. Now that fall has zoomed on by, the rain and cold coming swiftly and endlessly, there has not been much opportunity to enjoy the autumn colors outside. The cold temps have caused all the leaves to fall rapidly. So they lay, in golden glory, like a beautiful blanket. I will miss their rustle, but I enjoy them still.

I love worship. Music, dance, prayer, praise. I love acoustic guitars and low range voices.

I love this event.

I love seeing God at work, in my faith, in my family, in His provision, His hearing our cries.

I love seeing my girls play dress up, wanting to me to put on music, and then dance with daddy.

Your turn. Leave me a comment about what you love. Or blog your own post and leave me a link in comments. I love to hear about what you love.


  1. I also love when the you can feel God all around you and all you can do is cry. For me it is so cleansing.

  2. You are funny that you love Mondays. I love alone time. I mean, like BIG TIME. I blogged it already - I also love COCA COLA - I mean, like passionately!

  3. I love my family-my children with all my heart! I live for them! I want to take some of your love for mondays!! That's one thing I need to learn to do! :)