Monday, October 26, 2009

Smile. It's Monday.

Have you ever seen your child pick ABC gum off the floor/a picnic table, pop it in their mouth while you just looked the other direction? Ever had your child miss the toilet in public, get urine on their clothing, and just tell them, "too bad. Deal with it"? I certainly haven't.

Feel free to join in on the cathartic and fun share-apy over at MckMama's place. Express your need to be daringly transparent, having no shame about your motherly imperfections by telling about all those things you "didn't" do.

And without further ado...

I did not put my child's pants on backwards this morning, and not realize it until we got home from one of the school drop offs.

We do not have 2 drop offs and 2 pickups today. Because K-12 has a 2 hour late start and Preschool does not, this does not mean that I will make 3 trips to school before noon. I also will not have shuttled 4 kids not my own, plus my two, back and forth from school today. None of this makes me feel like a taxi, and I did not wonder if this is training for having teenagers.

On Saturday, while having a mom's night out with a friend, we did not experience a short burst of uncontrollable laughter that nearly made us both pee our pants, and did not slightly disrupt the awesome coffee house singer. We did not enjoy it one bit, either. The laughter or the music.

We did not both feel like we stayed out too late, as we are not getting old to the point where midnight is late. Neither did it feel weird to leave our homes at 9 pm. We're party animals. We always go out that late.

Well, that's all I got for now. I'm off to the school for the third, but not last, time today. Please check here for my own creation of share-apy with another great "I Love... Mondays" post.

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  1. hahah, you saturday night sounds NOTHING like mine that I "didn't" have. LOL