Monday, November 24, 2008

Round Two of Not Me! Monday

Thank you to MckMama for this wonderful form for free therapy. Check her out here.

Just another Monday in my house. I did have a trip to the Ped/FP today with Lil' D, who has jumped mountains in his growth. Because of nursing / suck issues he had a rough start, and this caused a rather significant amount of stress. I am SO HAPPY to announce that he is in the 31st percentile for weight, and 65th for height. That is compared to 3rd and 15th at his 2 month appt. ahh... (sigh of relief). Great leaps in 2 months. Go D!

Well, I don't think this week will be nearly as exciting as last week, one - because I don't have 2 weeks worth of stuff saved up, and two - I think for the most part it really wasn't that crazy of a week. Wait... maybe I'm just losing my memory. Anyway. Here goes.

  1. I did not, upon hearing that I had been sick, have my mother ask me if I was pregnant. Because everyone in the entire universe knows that's what I want. Apparently diarrhea is a new symptom of pregnancy. I am not still puzzled as to why she would deem my very effective form of bc not good enough, when statistically it is actually more effective than a tubal. I think she's losing her noodles. And I did not just say that to the world, knowing full well she could actually read this. Love you, mom!
  2. I did not yell out the word "diarrhea" way too loud during a church function last night as I was recounting the aforementioned story.
  3. I did not do nothing for an entire day (at least one :D), until minutes before Hubba Hubba got home, when I quickly cleaned the living room so it looked like I had done something, when in fact, I had not, surely, sat on the computer ALL DAY LONG. Because as an appreciative housewife, I spend my days laboring away, just as he does, making sure our family is taken care of.
  4. I did not go shopping twice this week (and that, ladies, IS miraculous as I really don't ever go shopping)(and with all kids in tow, because honestly, when am I ever without them?) and buy myself some things, so close to Christmas. And they were not semi-ridiculous things like a $63 knife and 2 $18 towels (not that I paid that much, mind you. I'm not that out of control.) No, instead I used the extra funds wisely and paid extra on medical bills and such. Because I am always responsible with money.
  5. I did not fully enjoy my laissez-faire attitude regarding spending this pay period.
  6. I did not wrap up a diaper so tightly that it squirted out poop from the side. I did not end up spreading it all over my pants and the new rug because I didn't notice. I then did not threaten my Hubba Hubba that he had better call his friend and demand our carpet cleaner to be returned by the end of the weekend, or else... Because I am always patient and gracious, and I love cleaning poop up with my bare hands, only to have the scent remain in the carpet anyway and linger in the living room for days. This would not be the second poop (#9) incident on our rug in 2 weeks.
  7. I do not feel as though I am becoming obsessed with blogs and blogging, staying up WAY TOO LATE reading and creating, then to wake up in the middle of the night still thinking about blogs. This did not lead to me putting off prep of the Sunday school lesson until 11:30 pm Saturday night, which led to a great Sunday morning where I did not scream at and beat (well, not really) my children before church. We are always fully composed, pious, and holy, especially on Sundays.
  8. I did not laugh hysterically (though silently) when B-boy repeated a certain choice phrase from Friends. Read more here.
  9. I did not just google YouTube videos of Hannah Ma'tanna (as she says if) for KJ, who's 3, because I am not insane in the membrane, fully realizing that this will only get worse. I do not find it cute that she tries to sing like a rock star and put on shows for me while standing on top of the table. And I would never allow her to stand on top of the table, because that would be dangerous.

Ok. That's enough for now. Lil' D's awake, anyway, so I can not ignore that mommy duty. The older ones can entertain themselves. He cannot. Oh, but wait. My almost 5 yr old son did not just bring him all the way downstairs from his crib. Well, at least he was holding him properly, unlike KJ who scared the daylights out of her mother by standing at the top of the stairs holding her little sister by the head. But that was yrs ago.

Have a great week!


  1. I do the house thing all the time. Do you think they are on to us?! Great list

  2. Oh, Sunday mornings are NOT the worst for me! I do NOT ever yell at my kids on Sunday mornings.