Saturday, November 22, 2008

MckStellar Ideas

There's this blog I have recently started reading. I'm a sucker for great photography, as I aspire to someday do that myself. She's a Christian mama, so those are some qualities we share, as well as having 4 kids. I read a bunch of old blogs of hers the other day. It's interesting to see how ppl arrived at the place they did. But I digress. Anyway, she has some really great ideas, blogging traditions, if you will, that she has started, like Not Me Monday. Where do I get my own MckStellar/n Ideas??? Gotta dig me up some cree-a-TIV-itAY!

So check out her Small Fryday contest at My Charming Kids. Cuz, man, I would love my own custom made header. She's got a pretty cool one!

Also, with kleenex box nearby, check out this other very special link. String of Pearls. I am ever so thankful to God that I never had to deal with that. A tragedy too great for words. But it also speaks to the fact that each life has it's purpose. Life is always a blessing, no matter how short.



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