Thursday, November 6, 2008

To Begin Again

I had a blog before, but it was a secret blog, sharing the joys of my marital bliss. (Insert sarcasm here.) Thus the reason it was secret. It was more like a journal, but I couldn't find any paper so I created a blog. This new blog I will share. begin again.

Having been inspired by a mom-friend who also has 4 children, I have decided to create a blog of my own parenting adventures. With 4 children under 5, there are plenty of "adventures", funny moments, ones that make you cry in good ways, and in bad ways, and lots and lots of trial and error times. So... to all my joyous tales of childrearing.

Just to clarify, I breed monkeys, or so I have been told. They love to climb and get into everything. I'm sure if they could hang from the rafters, or the chandelier, or the ceiling fan, they probably would. (Please don't demonstrate or tell them that's an option, or else they just might!) Hopefully that will help to explain my title. Not that it needs explaining.

"Beginning again" is a concept not unfamiliar to parenting, as our lives includes LOTS of repetition, plenty of getting off track, or lots of other obstacles that require us to begin a task again. sigh. Like the pile of laundry that WAS folded but is no longer, because you waited too long to put it away (like, say, 30 seconds). Or the behavior chart that you harldy began. Or the concerted effort to be more consistent in discipline, but just got tired because it's a minute by minute task. Or making the main course of your meal that got burned while you were also trying to change a diaper, make a salad, do laundry, put out an argument, deal with a crying, clingy child, and sweep the floor all at the same time.

Disclaimer: I try very hard to be a good parent. Some days are successful. Others aren't. So I would ask one thing... please don't judge or bash or go running to call CPS. You have NO IDEA what it is like to raise my 4 children. If you are appalled, sorry. This is my reality, and I just have the guts to tell the all the gory details, the REAL story (sorta ;D).

Oh, and I ramble. A Lot!

I also love comments. (Be nice.) Advice, commiseration, laughs, an "oh yeah". Ya know. Whatever. So don't be shy.

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  1. So good to read you around here!.
    Take good care of your four under five and your one over five.

    Big Hugs!