Friday, November 7, 2008

Diapers required

Note to self: Do not let un-potty-trained children run around naked.

My dear Abigail likes to take off her diaper. I probably should attempt potty training her, but I'm not ready for that headache just quite yet. Anyway, she does this in streaks ( :D no pun intended). She hasn't done this in a few weeks, and now yesterday and today we're seeing a lot more cheek. (And they're oh so cute as they jiggle when she walks. hehehe)

Last night, as I was cleaning in prep for company, I kept smelling pee. I couldn't see any, didn't step in it, so I figured she whizzed on the floor. Whatever. It's linoleum and I had plans to mop the floor anyway. Not that it was much of an option.

Fast forward to this morning. I'm still smelling pee! Where the heck is it coming from??? Could it possible be bad laundry? No, just not really coming from there. Hmmm... and then, ha ha haaaaa, I get a whiff of her... what.. chair??? Well, she apparently peed while sitting on her booster, leaving the urine to ever so conveniently soak into the nylon straps. Yuck. Pee at the breakfast table. Wonderful. Parenting is not for the sqeamish.

At least I found it. And at it wasn't on my couch!


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