Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me! Monday, again.

I appologize MckMama, I cannot get the button to work. Blogger is giving me an error code and I don't feel like dealing with it anymore. Sorry for breaking the rules. You still deserve all the credit, and I am sorry to not have been able to insert that lovely thing, as it's such a beautiful punch of color.

Kuddos again to MckMama at My Charming Kids for her lovely idea of Not Me! Monday, where one can participate in a rather cleansing form of (free) therapy by telling the world what you most certainly did NOT do that week. Because as mother's, we all know the importance of our job, what's at stake, and how we mold lives and hearts and self-esteems and all that kinda crap, to actually NOT be perfect all of the time. No, we are model citizens.

I'm tired today so this may be short. I was actually not going to do it at all. But then I'd be pooping out on a thing and I wouldn't want to do that. Cuz I never poop out on things. Especially not discipline. Or self control.

  1. I did not have to convince my almost 5 yo son that it was not ok to wear a dirty, snotty (short sleeved) shirt for a second day, or to church. I have raised my children to appreciate cleanliness and the fact that we change our clothes every day.
  2. I did not get sick again, causing my Hubba Hubba to ask if I was sure I wasn't pregnant. I did not lose sleep over this, hoping and praying that I wasn't. I did not go into town the next day, spreading my sick germs, and buy a pregnancy test. (One line, not two, thankyouverymuch.)
  3. I did not go to the store all THREE days that I was sick, all three very busy shopping days of the year, (and actually run into my children's ex-pediatrician), because I am more socially responsible than to risk exposing 50,000 people in Walmart with the germs of my intestinal distress.
  4. I did not kinda "forget" about my sons upcoming birthday and then have to plan the party with only 1 week's notice. I am a higly organized machine, never missing appointments or birthdays, always plannin ahead.
  5. I did not decide to hold his bday party in a public place just to avoid cleaning my house. My house is always clean. The DHS would have no grounds for removal here.
  6. I did not have a melt down most of Sunday, starting with lunch at Taco Johns, concluding at around 8 pm when I was finally getting supper on the table. It had nothing to do with my very whiny, sassy daughter, or my helful Hubba Hubba taking a 4 hour nap, then coming downstairs grumpy and getting on me about yelling at the kids. I did not slam the pot of rice on the table and storm out. He did not accuse me of having a tantrum and storming out of the room. I do not have tantrums or storm out. I did not choose that moment to exit my house and go shopping.
  7. I did not feel SO MUCH BETTER about an hour later, and $70, a pair of jeans, a shirt, a tank and 3 shirts for the baby later. None of which have anything to do with Christmas.
  8. I did not come to a very firm conclusion about the rather unfirmness of my figure. I did not do something about it by having leftover turkey dinner for breakfast.
  9. I did not come downstairs the next morning to have my children greet me with comments about how mommy had a tantrum. No, any heated discussions with my spouse are definitely behind closed doors and away from impressionable ears.
  10. I did not forget about my children's homework, again, quickly helping them do it at 8 o'clock this morning. I was not still in my pajama shirt, doing their homework, when their ride arrived. And of coarse my children were all ready to go so that she did not have to spend 5 minutes hanging out with me (with me in my pajamas and no bra) while they got shoes and coats on.

Just another normal, perfect week in my perfectly decorated, always clean house, in my sleepy little town. I love my family. I really do.

On the rather great side, I got back the pics from a photo shoot we had. Beautiful! Wendy - You So Totally Rock, Dude! Thank you very much. And I will be posting some of them soon.

Thanks for stopping. Have a great rest of the day Monday.


  1. LOL! I also did not forget that Ethan even had preschool last week until his ride knocked on our door!

  2. We have 6 kids your #3 SCARES ME!!!!!!

    I'm truly guilty of #5 as well!!

  3. Yes, well, normally I would NOT, DEFINITELY NOT, go anywhere sick, regarless of any need for socialization, and I have stayed holed up in my house for far less reasons. However, I had to get the stuff for my T-day obligation (I bought a pie instead baking one). Then, I realized I had NO diapers. ZERO! So that was a must. And then, um, I forgot. Milk maybe? And my hubby was working all that time, so I had no choice. I tried not to breathe. Promise!