Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Copy Cat video

This is what I mean about copy cat. It's very funny. Also a very good example of how Cheeks is SO DARNED CUTE with her little almost-two-yrs-old language skills. And her love and admiration of her bigger sister, KJ, who does not appreciate it at all. Also a nice shot before mommy cut KJ's bangs a little too short. Good thing they grow fast. Which is also why I trim them, and not a "professional," because that would mean paying the $7 bucks or whatever, for some chick to quickly go "snip snip" across her not even 4yo forehead every 4 weeks or so. A 3yo does not need such pampering.

I had wanted to post video from the kid's school Christmas program but it was... um... less than memorable, except that my kids were the cutest in attendance, of coarse. But the performance was less than stellar. Two classes to learn 8 songs with actions is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ENOUGH TIME for 3, 4 and 5yo's. She needed to have started immediately after Halloween. Or earlier. So very few sang, and they just basically watched what she did and followed suit... sort of.

Wow, does is always take this long to upload a video? I am a video uploading virgin. Jeepers, I ain't got all night. Tick tock, tick tock. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I think I'll go make a sandwich. Or breakfast, cuz I may be here that long, apparently. Halleluja, and I didn't even finish my stew yet!

Ah, dang. I just realized I forgot to post my previous post, as it was still a draft. Ok. I'll post this anyway since no one ever checks my blog. Or rarely. It's not like I have any kind of following. Maybe I should give away free stuff. That seems to be a good trick.

Up next: Giveaway: One child to entertain you for a day!

What? No takers?


  1. I have the great privilege of 2 or more of your kiddos at nursery lessons!! The other Sunday Bane hooked a wagon up to one of the "car"s and called it his trailer. Made a mess of things when another child waltzed into to the car to have their turn. lol
    I AM still planning on hopping out there for a visit some day!! It will happen!! :)

    ~Krista Monson

  2. can we still read if if we don't take the free child give away?:)