Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh, Johnny

I love the things my kids pick up on, that entertain them, and that they, then entertain me with.

Today we watched Evan Almighty. The like it. Probably having to do with the animals and the fair amount of physical humor that Steve Carell is great at. Sitting at the lunch table, B-boy starts "doin' the dance." Then he encourages KJ to do the dance, and of coarse, Miss Copy-cat Cheeks has to also do the dance. A very funny picture - all 3 kids, sitting in their chairs, "doin' the dance," and making little humming noises.

KJ loves to pray. We sort of have made it more exciting by adding a big "aaaaaaaaaaaaaMEN!" to the end of any prayer, complete with throwing your hands in the air, like you're doing the wave. (And that's a - men, not ah - men.) On Thanksgiving, we sang "Johnny Appleseed". This has stuck with her. She asks me to help her sing it at every meal at least once. Usually twice. Sometimes thrice, before I say, "Ok, that's enough. I want to eat now." I am suffering from a cold that includes a sore, scratchy throat and plugged up ears. Singing is not what I feel like doing. Leave it to a child to change your mind. :D I kindly explain that mommy doesn't feel good and doesn't want to sing. She ever so sweetly attempts to sing it herself. She does pretty well. Once again, copy-cat Cheeks joins the fun and does what she can. "Oh, slkflkjlskdja;le me, amen, amen." Then she claps and cheers for herself. Man I love these kids. How could I not sing?

Oh, the Lord is Good to me,
and so I thank the Lord,
for giving me
the things I need
the sun and the rain and kids that sing*.
The Lord is Good to me.

*My own little adaptation, for blogging purposes. Makin' it mine!


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