Monday, December 15, 2008

A forgotten Monday?? Almost!

Oh, wow. I set out to post a blog on something else, only to realize it's MONDAY! How could one forget. I guess I could. So I'll do a quick one, minus all the setup stuff - no logo, nothing fancy. But if ya wanna check out more Not Me's, go here.

1. I was NOT happy that school was delayed, thus canceling pre-school, and most importantly, the pre-school Christmas program. I was not happy because I was ever so prepared - clothes washed, much less clothes to stand up and make an impression in. I am not shallow enough to think that anyone really cares about what my kids wear, and do not feel it is important that they be among the best dressed. Cuz they're only 3 1/2 and 5. Their development is most important, not their social standing, or ours.

2. I was also Not happy that I did not have to venture out into the frozen tundra of -11 degrees and -30 windchills. I love the bitter cold and was looking forward to making myself even more sick.

3. I did NOT change out of my sweats and underwear from the day before (hey, i DID take a late shower) purely because I did NOT pee my pants during a coughing fit. I am an adult. I do NOT pee my pants. Having 4 children in under 5 yrs has had no effect on my bladder control. I also do not wear the same clothes 2 days in a row.

4. I did NOT dig out of the dirty laundry a pair of the cleanest socks I could find, so that my son was not wearing ankle socks to go shopping with daddy in sub-zero temps. I am way more up on my housework than that. My family always has clean clothes, nicely folded and put away in their dressers.

Well, that's all for short notice. Because I actually did not spend today obsessing about this post. Really.

As for the other post, I'll post it later.


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