Friday, February 11, 2011

Tweet experiment

I don't Tweet. I can't rationalize paying that much for cell service for more mindless chatter, or access to internet, something I'm addicted to anyway. Cuz really, do I need to be on Facebook anyMORE? Not really.

But I always think Tweets in my head. Or blog posts. Problem with thinking blog posts is that I never end up blogging those posts. It's like I put it out into the universe in my mind and poof! it's gone.

So here are all the exciting thoughts I have today, while sitting at my computer for the next half hour before we have to go to the doctor again for strep tests. Yay!.

11:58 Right now, in this minute, I'm hating paperwork. Because children do not seem to understand that their incessant whining and hovering and inconsolable crying does not help me do it faster. And I can't put it off any. longer. Okay, breathing...

12:03 Ahh... Warm tomato soup and grandpa's fresh baked bread smoothe it over.
12:08 Eating while baby-wearing is a challenging task. Much easier to drink soup. But, how do you do the soup-soaked bread?
12:13 You know how you are always tripping over that one cluttery thing, and then when you need that thing... NO WHERE to be found. sigh. #storyofmylife
12:25 Hey, let's make a blog post of all my mindless chatter. Yeah. Great idea. THat'll get everyone on the edge of their seat.
12:33 I really need to clean out my file cabinet. All this filing is a pain.
12:34 On second thought, let's just file later.
12:35 I need to buy a new coupon sorter thingy.
12:49 Lego - children under whatever age can't have an email. So duh to your "what is your child's email address" for your magazine of children under 6.
1:02 Ok, Time to go!
Riveting, wasn't it?


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