Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And to add...

to the last post...

Boots ran aroumd smelling like Goo Gone today as that is exactly what I had used to douse clean his sweatshirt of my waterproof mascara. I wonder how many washes it will take to get the smell of that out.

And a comment on the pic of Cheeks. See how her tongue is pointed? That is a strange side effect of her finger sucking, and it gives her this little lisp that is so cute and funny. Especially when it pokes out when she talks. I'm sure, however, there will be a speech therapist in her future.

ok. that's all i thinki. oh, 'cept if anyone has a voice recognition softwate they'd like to loan me that'd be great. my arm is about to fall off from one-handed typing while nursing.



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