Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just cuz

Did I show you this yet?


Cheeks kept putting these on him. I kept taking them off, and then turn around to do more dishes, turn back around, and there they'd be. It took me a bit to see who did it. It was kinda funny.

What about this one?

I coulda swore I posted this one. I don't see it. Maybe it's on FB. Look at that big smile on the "big" brother's face. So proud he's playing with his baby "brudder" "Wookus", and sharing his Elmo radio.

These next two?... (smile)

That's that puppy dog look I love. All wrinkly skin. Beady eyes. A little furry. Big jowel-y cheeks.

Jack Hanna was on that new talk show called lamely "The Talk". He, naturally, was showing off animals, one of which was a chinchilla. He said it was the softest thing in the world, that he could hardly tell when he was touching the fur.

I just sat there and thought, well, you've never touched my baby's cheeks. So soft you can't tell you're touching them. So soft I couldn't stop my self from rubbing my face on them constantly from the moment he was born.

These daddy shots are my favorite. We have one of him and Cheeks that's probably one of my favorite pics of all time. Really.


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