Monday, June 28, 2010

The couch and Captain America

I really, really don't know where in the heck kids get stuff sometimes. They say stuff that leaves you wondering 1. where they learned that because you certainly haven't talked about having 2 heads, for example, and 2. how they though of that.

This morning I overheard George say to his sister (I think they were playing mommy/daddy/baby - nothing weird just normal role playing) "When I'm a daddy I'm gonna sleep on the couch a lot."


We don't have a couch, really. We have a love seat, and love seats are not really suitable for napping. (Ok, we do have a couch, but it's not in the main living room of our home and doesn't get used much, unless you're counting it acting as my laundry folding central.) Once in a great while the hubs will throw all my laundry to the floor take a nap there, but napping with small children running around is a dangerous gamble. More than once (back when we had a couch) he found himself a human trampoline, smacked in the face by a toy. That's if he can get to sleep due to all the running and screaming. And daddy has never had to "sleep on the couch" due to marital discord. That kind of thing rarely affects his ability to sleep. So, sleep on the couch a lot? Huh?

Then I heard him say "When I am a daddy I'm gonna be Captain America and I'm gonna be the real Captain America."

Ok, so Captain America I get, as he and Kong just watched that movie. But what does that have to do with being a daddy? Maybe I need to watch that movie.


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