Saturday, June 19, 2010

Arrival: 3:58 CST

And she's arrived. :D Ahhhhh.... Oh, happy day.

Not that that means a mom can rest, cuz really, do moms ever really rest? I don't think so. But I rest happy knowing she's here and the "welcome home" preparations can no longer be... well, prepared. So to breathe.

We've had a calm week of nothin' doin', and enjoying just that. My only venture to town this week was to hear a heartbeat. Oh what a blessed sound. Later, we had King Kong's (sorta) birthday celebration of Better Than Ssssssomethin' cake, post pork-chops-and-potatoes-supper. (He's a "no fuss" kind of guy.) Today, I finally got my floor mopped, and got a little tan reading a book at the park. Tonight we'll check out some fireworks and call it good. Maybe mama will spring for an ice cream. I figure we'd better do something before everyone gets over bored. Not that tornado sirens and power outages were boring, but that's not really the kind of excitement we (ok "I") were necessarily looking for. The littles don't like the dark, apparently. And the town's siren is so close it's practically in our living room. Sounds like it too. But we escaped any real weather, unlike other parts of the state.

Now that our Schweetheart is here, I can be more telling of our news of an impending birth and pregnancy woes, since she now knows and didn't find out over Blogger. It also may explain my bloggy absence, with all the sheer exhaustion I felt for months. Thank heavens it's finally waning. A mama can only do so much, and with chasing holy terror very active little monkey named Boots who insists on being clever and strong, thus making himself a master escape artist, blogging hasn't even been in my top 20. Even if I wanted to, I didn't have enough brain power to come up with a post that woudn't have just said "I'm so tired" 300 different times. Hopefully things will improve blog-wise. At least in frequency.

But now, I must go attend to the hunger cries of many monkeys begging for bananas.

Oh, and for those throngs of you (hahaha) who are desperate (yes, laugh some more) to know, the list of things to do keeps growing, but the room that was a disaster is now habitable. It got emptied, wall paper stripped, holes patched, one crumbly wall paneled, sanded, primed and painted, except for the doors and trim. The windows still need to be trimmed, something done with the floor and it needs curtains, but it has a bed to sleep in, a place to shut the door, if so desired, and rest her pretty little head. :D Other than bring another load to the thrift store, I think we can "rest" in what has to get done. For now. ;)

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