Saturday, June 12, 2010

So, a certain someone is rather unmotivated. OK. That might be plural. (I'm tired and tending children is not conducive to accomplishing much.) Not to say that he hasn't done anything, it's just that he's not his usual supercharged, type-A self when it comes to projects. I am rarely supercharged, type-A. And, in being a bit more realistic about what we can accomplish, (and what we can afford to accomplish), we will not be totally renovating the gold bedroom. At least, not right now. We'll make it less scary more habitable, and work on it when we can determine the game plan. (I suggested draping the entire room in fabric (of which we have boatloads - see basement shelf pic - one whole shelf is fabric), kind of like a canopy. Hubs very kindly, uh, dismissed that plan. Guess he couldn't vistualize that hippy/ethnic image I had in my head.)

Or something like that.

What we have accomplished thus far, while far less than what needs to be done, is something.
  • Clean new turtle tank, switch over. CHECK! Squirt is enjoying his new digs. And the new, bigger tank actually gives him room to swim. He's a happy turtle.
  • Finish taking boxes from gold bedroom down to basement. CHECK
  • Box up/chuck rest of stuft, take stuff to thrift store. CHECK (Just have one coffee table that won't fit in my van)
  • Find/buy a bed. CHECK! (What's great about this is I didn't have to do a thing. Plus, it was FREE!. PTL!!!!)
  • Declutter entertainment center (King Kong worked on it. It's about half done.)
  • VBS/Soccer camp. DONE!

Hopefully, my plan is to get this stuff done, at minimum, by Monday:
  • Clean the old turtle tank and take to thrift store
  • Finish entertainment center
  • Clean computer desk
  • Paint bathroom shelves so I can put the crap back in the bathroom
  • Clean off microwave stand
  • Sort and store the clothes mountain from the gold bedroom (GB)
  • Clean GB
  • Fix a few of the major spots in walls in GB
  • Paint GB
  • Get the "new" bed. (Rain is complicating this)
  • Hang curtains in GB
  • Clean the house to sight (meaning so it looks good if you don't look too hard)
  • Vacuum the van

All while still cooking, parenting, and doing the never ending laundry. No problemo. hahaha. lordy.

In other notes, my roof is leaking and my nose is not liking the mildew smell I'm sleeping with, I have a constant headache and need a MAJOR massage (not likely), and I had a GREAT time hanging with the bible study ladies out at one gal's lake home. Food, friends, a pontoon ride, and a bonfire (that wouldn't stay lit, but who's counting). And did you know that strawberry marshmallows are pretty good for smores? Who woulda thunk?


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