Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Ok. Deep breath.

THis is my to do list. (**I will be adding as I think of stuff) Here, because I need to write it somewhere I won't lose it, bury it, it won't get spilled on, colored on, cut up, or.. well, you get the picture.

And besides, maybe you'll pity me enough to offer some help. (Nope, done with all pride that I can do all things myself, here. I'm desperate.)

Oh, and I have 6 days to do this.

  • Clean out the new turtle tank, set it up and switch Squirt over, then clean the old tank

  • Vacuum the van

  • Declutter the computer desk

  • Declutter the top of my entertainment center

  • Declutter the top of the "microwave stand" (which doesn't have a microwave on it, just crap)
And by decluttering, I mean deal with all the odd and ends that don't really have a place so the get dumped there, find a home for those things (hahahahahahaha), and sort/file/throw paperwork that includes all the kids school papers that have barfed themself ALL OVER MY HOUSE and figure out where to put the few that I save. Really, this is my task.

  • Clean the fridge, as in, wash it out (remove the shelves, drawers, etc. you know... clean it)

  • Clean the rest of my house as necessary (wipe down floors/windows/table/chairs, put away laundry, sort/organize/put away toys (last minute), clean bathroom)
Gold Bedroom tasks:

  • Finish taking boxes down to basement

  • Box up and/or chuck the rest of the random crap

  • Sort the mountains of unboxed, need-to-be-stored-or-thrifted clothes

  • Strip wallpaper (not hard, most of it is peeling off and can be literally pulled off in large pieces)

  • Sand/scrape any remaining trim/baseboards and door (long and painstakingly awful task)

  • Fix walls or decide to panel (oh gawd, yes, I said panel. ugh)

  • Paint or at minimum prime

  • Do we carpet?

  • Clean it out (dust, garbage, etc)

  • Trim windows
  • Make/buy/hang curtains

  • Buy or find a bed
Can possibly be done the following weekend:

  • Get armoir from friend

  • Paint Jay's dresser for R and switch out for armoire

  • Paint the second coat on Dillon's dresser

  • Paint the bathroom shelves
And other chores:

  • Get more sand for sandbox

  • Plant some semblance of a garden (a couple tomato plants and maybe a cuke bush?), some flowers might be nice, too

  • Do the VBS/Soccer Camp shuffle and bussing

  • Create meal plan and schedule for kids to incl chores and time for working on academics (as highly recommended by the teacher)
  • Switch out shelf in bathroom closet for new shelf
  • List other fish tank on Craig’s list
  • List old lamps and stuff on ebay
  • Make and hang curtains for Master bedroom
  • Make/buy/hang curtains for girls’ room
  • Hang pics in girls’ room
  • Buy George new bedding
  • Paint/decor boys’ room
All of this should be easy to accomplish in the hour a day (provided D naps that day) I have "available" to do it, right? Watching 4 children, attending to all their hunger pangs needs, wants and desires.

Not stressful. Not at all.

I do take volunteers. Consider it community service. It would be greatly appreciated. I'm not joking.


I'm sorry, so very sorry, my dear, if you arrive and the house is a dung hole. We love you, despite our slovenly ways. Um, and we would like news of the, uh, verdict. Thanks.


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