Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have never made a disaster like this before.

I'm not a magical cake baker. I use the box. Nothing fancy. For $.87 why bother with homemade. I have bigger fish to fry.

Add eggs, oil, water. Grease pan. Bake. Simple.

Unless... you are not really following directions. As in, there aren't really directions for what you are doing. With good reason. Because what you are doing will FAIL! Fall! Flop!

I was attempting to make a giant cupcake cake. They have pans for that, but I was not willing to fork over $30-40 of my precious dollars for that. That could buy another gift! A couple dresses! 2 gallons of paint! I figured I would use my small 6" pan, stack a couple layers and be good. Then I decided that wouldn't be enough cake so I made one larger 10" layer to put on the bottom, like a pedestal if you will, the cupcake cake would sit on that, and the doll would sit on the larger cake, leaning against the smaller one.

Big crack. Big Crater.

The result of putting too much cake batter into a pan. Takes forever to cook. Falls in the middle. A real pain to get out of the pan. One cake mix + 10 inch pan = No Go.

This second beauty was alright in that it was actually cooked through, and didn't fall. I did, however, put too much batter in this pan also, so it overflowed. Luckily, not that it would have made much difference, I put the smaller cake on the bobbom rack, so the cake overflow spillage went on my oven, not on top of another cake. No biggie, I just cut that part off, rounded it out, in order to remove it from the pan. The issue comes in with me sliding the knife around the inside edge to loosen the cake (because I "forgot" to grease the top edge of the pan), but instead of having the knife against the pan, I apparently had it tilted, thus cutting the cake. Well, that just wasn't going to work.

The other cake I just ended up chucking, gasp, in the garbage. I salvaged some of this smaller one by cutting the top half off and using it for the rounded top of my "cupcake."

Everyone's gotta have some baking disaster story, I guess. There's mine. :o)


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