Saturday, March 13, 2010

Down and Dirty

**Sorry about the wonky layout. The new way blogger adds pics, and what it doesn't allow you to do with them is irritating. Someday I'll figure out PS and just make photo collages. But not today.

Koko was begging for a craft activity today. I knew it was needed. One can only stand so many days of mud and dreary weather. Kids start to get antsy. Adults get lethargic or grumpy (or both).

So I busted out the paint, big sheets of paper (in lieu of 15 regular pieces of paper each)(end rolls at the local newspaper cost only $1!!), cleared the floor and let them have at it.

I also took this opportunity to get down with them. And though I didn't paint, I got right down on the floor and watched the masters create. And snapped a few pics, of coarse. (Photographer's trick: get right down at their level. Not that I'm a real photographer. Just something I read yesterday.)

Tangles of legs and arms, intense concentration, bursts of color, smudges on toes.

I find amusement in the difference of style. The orderly, the chaotic, the intentional.

Creativity. Bringing life to dull walls.


  1. OH WHAT FUN! My son is VERY artsy - so we used to paint a lot until we sent him to art lessons on Wednesdays with a teacher. My creativity is for the word not paint brush!

  2. I agree - How much FUN!! I can't wait until my son is a little bit older and I can let him loose with paint and big pieces of paper!
    Thanks for the tip about the newspaper rolls - I'm going to call and see if our newspaper does the same...