Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good gracious! Bits

My kids are like pirrahnas today. Non. Stop. Eating. They have eaten cereal, bagels, apples, bananas, raisins, asked for more cereal, and eaten more fruit. My kitchen floor is littered with banana peels and half eaten apples. At 10:43 am, Koko asked for lunch. No joke. They didn't even start breakfast til 8:45! Oh, and now a request for crackers. Can't you wait, people? FIVE MINUTES! The water will boil! Thank goodness mac n'cheese only takes 5 minutes.

It started on an, um, I was going to say off note, but off is not really the right word. Anyway. I woke up at 8:02. School starts at 8:11. Uhhh.. I think we're going to be late. Then I find the "Star Person of the Week" bag. On the floor. In the entry. Missing contents. UGH!!!! I freaked. When is this due? Where's the book? The directions say color this, draw that.. but on what??? GOD HELP ME I hope this is not due today.

Once I finally got boy wonder out the door, I realized I would have to GO IN to the school, and TALK to the teacher to find out what was missing. Uffda. Was I glad I put on a bra today. Nevermind I was wearing sweats, glasses, and Crocs (which are sinfully ugly IMO). And of coarse, no make-up, and a HUGE pimple I just popped still bleeding on my face. Sweeeet!

Get to the class, class has already started. Awesome. All the kids turn around and look at me. sigh. But a student teacher must be there or something so George's teacher was at her desk and also puzzled as to why there were missing contents, got me the right stuff, I left.

It's not even NOON, people. It's gonna be a good day.

I'm still trying to recover from the last 11 days of traumatic/dramatic events.
1. Sickness. All SIX of us. yay.
2. Lots and lots of puked on, peed on laundry.
3. A birthday party.
4. An all-nighter required to pull off said bday party since Kong was sick for the prep time.
5. Teaching Koko to ride her bike.
6. Running my booty off next to her in order to give her a sense of safety while learning to ride her bike.
7. Room make-overs, involving hours and hours of painting, and way too many paint fumes. (this is not done yet, either)
George Jr, aka Baby Boots is dead set on torturing his mother and sisters.
Favorite word: NO! (Even when it means yes.)
Favorite things to do: attempt to escape outside, shoe-less with socks on (now muddy socks). And when he's distracted from that, it's turning the lamp on and off, or fiddling with the tv controls on the back of the tv (our new tv has hidden controls - they're on the back/side, which I both like and dislike). Or hitting people with whatever implement of destruction he can find - drumsticks, light sabers, pvc pipe (don't ask), hockey sticks.

Oh, and how could I forget the throwing of the nukie (pacifier). Across the room. You know. Even when he wants it. So he procedes to scream bloody murder til you give it back to him. Sometimes I let him go an hour. But after an hour, I figured I've had enough.

The redeeming cute thing he now currently does: Sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. All day long. In the store. In the middle of the night. At the table. When he plays. Everywhere. And it's is soooo cute. I have tried to video it but my memory card when caput and 16mb doesn't hold much more than about 8 seconds.

I feel like I'm in a frenzy, a daze. It's a little hairy around here. In part due to lack of sleep, surely.

I'm so glad Saturday I get a day off. I think I might go rent a hotel room and sleep.
Ok, water's boiling. Gotta go.


  1. And as and addendum... after lunch of mac n cheese and another bowl of cereal, they age chips, grapes, yogurt, more crackers, and... uh, something else I can't remember. I fed them supper. At my parents' they age popcorn, oranges and more grapes. I'm gonna go BROKE. If not from groceries, then from the clothes they're fixing to out grow. PTL for summer and shorts.

  2. oh! I love it! my brain is all a frenzy just from the reading. Here's to a less grainy day in your tree house... now back to my troops.