Friday, March 26, 2010


This one was a joy since she entered the world.

All pink and pretty. Soft coos and sweet lips.

She rocked the mullet for quite some time.

She has always had a love for body art.

She is oh so talented.

Very much a princess.

Fun. Spirited. Fun-spirited.

Her name means Crowned, Cherished, Adored, Spirit-filled;
God's Gracious Gift.

She's also giggly, a bear/choke-hugger, girly girl with a little get-in-the-mud tomboy, a lover, can wrestle the boys to the ground, not camera shy but does get stage fright. Loves jokes, dress-up, and creating beautiful things. She likes making beds. Hates going to the grocery store.
Everything has just a tad of dramatic flair, which makes life worth celebrating.

And we celebrate you, my sweet Kayla Jean. Happy 5th Birthday.

You know, a month ago.


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