Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Odd Bits

I found 2 saucepan lids and a can of beer on my nightstand a few days back. Interesting combination. Interesting choice of location.
This, at a nearby neighbor's, left me puzzling for days:

She had a few outfits, changed once every couple of days. I think this was her third outfit. The stars and stripes bikini was my favorite. There was also a sarong.

Yes, please note, that is SNOW, that has been spray painted to look like water. (Made me think of this, for those of you who follow her too.)

Then I saw the sign. It all made sense then.

Well, ok then.

A week later, all this snow was GONE. Guess it worked.

And lastly,

My three year old, who rarely naps, just went upstairs and put herself down for a nap. I only noticed she wasn't around, and inquired of her sister who told me. Checked it out for myself, and well, it's true. Weird.

**NOTE TO NEIGHBORS - I loved this display. A sense of humor is a good, good thing.


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