Saturday, March 27, 2010


The second of two requested "pink" parties was Pinkalicious. If you are unfamiliar, it is a great story about a girl who loves pink. And cupcakes. Especially pink cupcakes. This worked to our advantage, providing easy cake ideas. Nevermind that the actual making of the "cupcake" prooved to be challenging. My first baking flop. I'll save that for another post. My mom found a cute little Pinkalicious doll at Barnes and Noble which provided both inspriration for the party theme and as an accessory for the cake.

The only hitch in this party seemed to be everyone's health, which kept a few guests from coming, but that didn't damper any spirits. Certainly not the birthday girl's.


I suppose I could have gone the easy route and just made cupcakes, but since when have I gone the easy way. And Wil-ton,  you can keep your $30 giant cupcake pan. Girls got skills! haha!

A few presents...

A good day.

**No Pinkalicious were harmed in setting the cake aflame. All Pinkalicious were removed for safe keeping.


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