Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The view from here

I am sitting here alone, in the quiet, nursing Huggyface who occasionally emits a grunt or two. It's nice, this unexpected solitude. I do not often get to spend a meal relaxing. No "mom I need a drink", no "I don't like that's", no spills, no yelling, no whining. Sweet sweet bliss is this. How does one achieve this? Well, live across the street from the park. That is my secret.

A sweet neighbor boy seemingly planted into the brains of my easily encouraged children that they should have a picnic. Only, he's eating at his house, but never mind. My monkeys are still so jazzed to have a picnic that they begged and begged and refused to wait, making the pbj sandwiches themselves before I had even said yes. Unrelenting as they were, I set out to finish making their meal, complete with some grapes, bottom of the barrel chips and some (half) bottles of pop. And off I sent them, to the park, while the baby slept, then woke and ate, and I... smile... I enjoyed the quiet. Ahhhhh....

So this....

This view... that's how I spent my evening. They're all in there somewhere (George far to the right, Boots on the merry-go-round, girls to the left). They're having a blast, frolicking about and enjoying this gorgeous day where the temp topped out near 70 and the sun shined gloriously all day, and I'm happily monitoring them from a nice comfy chair. Hey, I was outside all day with them. And now mama gets a rest. :D

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  1. I know the view for you. I can only imagine the peace. Well done my lovely friend. Maybe next time you can get them to have a camp out. :)