Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's not what you think

We are in a snack frenzy in my house. Everyone is snacking  all.  day.  long. I, of coarse, am not innocent in this either, but the kids are like ravenous dogs, constantly hungry, never satisfied. I can't tell you how many nights I send them to bed with tales of woe of how they are so hungry. (But seriously? We OFTEN eat at 7 pm, and they go to bed at 8. And by often I mean 7 out of 7 nights. Or thereabouts. How hungry can they get in that time? They've barely finished eating.)

I usually offer them good choices, like fruit or crackers, but they've gotten tired of the same old same old. The good thing is, that I've been able to bring back things old things that they were tired of but now enjoy again. Enter chocolate animal crackers.  

Lovely little things. Apparently, making them chocolate makes them not just "for babies" anymore. And anything made chocolate tends to be an improvement. (Well, a lot of things, anyway. I'm not at all interested in chocolate covered bacon. Or pickles. Ahem.) Needless to say, I've enjoyed a few handfulls myself.

So this afternoon, while doling out one of a few rounds of snacks, I plopped my little handful into a bowl that was sitting on the table. It looked clean, a few drops of water in the bottom, no problem. I'm eating away, enjoing my little treat until... uh.. hm. A soggy one. Wait, what's that? What I thought was water, was not. Nope.

Try pickle juice.



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