Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Free Stuff

I love free stuff. I love to get samples in the mail, or heck, even at the grocery store. (Who doesn't love those cute little ice cream cones they dish up? And the Cream Puffs at Sam's Club? YUM!) Even more, I love my birthday which, both sadly and thankfully, only comes once a year. Combine the two and YAY! Par-tay!

I remember as a kid getting a special card in the mail on my birthday from Baskin Robbins for a free birthday treat. That was the best! I loved their kid-enticing upside down ice cream cones decorated to look like a clown. So fun and festive. And I remember carefully staring through the glass trying to choose just the right one. I think there were other things like that too. Around here, there's not a whole lot of that going on anymore. Which is a bummer for my kids. There are a couple restaurants that sing to you, one used to give you a free dessert but now it's a free entree, and another place gave you your choice of dried out kiev or an overcooked steak, as long as you were willing to sit among the very gray-haired folks. (Even for a young-ish adult, that's not exactly my idea of a whopping good time.) So in my perusing of the great world wide web today, I found this little gem. And we even happen to HAVE one of these places near us!!!

Get great products for free. No purchase required! But if you must, get a facial, or a massage. That's what I suggest. Plus, by sighing up, you get a free something coupon to print out today!

Man, I can't WAIT til my birthday. Woot woot!

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  1. It's a whole lot more fun to get free stuff, though, when they actually have it in stock. I went yesterday to buy my mom's overdue but promised Mother's Day giftcard, hoping to cash in on my free sample pack. No such luck. Out of stock. Check back, she said. sigh.