Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Note to self

After reading thru my last blog post, it seems a bit cuttingly sarcastic, moreso than possibly intended. It's still kinda funny though. But I think next time I'll not write while in the midst of "marital bliss". And by that I don't mean bliss at all. It's not code for making monkeys. It's what I sarcastically call spousal disagreements that may or may not last 2 days without speaking to one another (which, btw, isn't hard when one of the parties involved is on the road for work and sleeping during my waking hours. So it's not as bad as it seems. lol). ahem.

So, funny things kids say lately. Just cuz I have a few.

Boots' new favorite thing to say when he's mad is "I don't like dad." I'm not quite sure why he picks dad, who is probably his favorite person on the universe. But it's funny. And anything you say to him has that answer (unless you say the word candy, but I even tried it with ice cream and got the same). Do you want a sandwich? No, I don't like dad. Wanna go to the park? No, I don't like dad.

Funny kid. He's trying out lots of new words and frases.

Cheeks was bawling her head off the other night as she was getting into bed. I asked her what was wrong and she says, totally out of the blue, "I miss Schweetheart." Aw. Me too, girl. sigh.

Ok, gotta go. Huggyface is freaking out and having an actual tantrum that I'm not holding him. Yeah, tantrum. Kid throws his arms in the air and balls his fists and is clearly mad about whatever situation. Usually one involving me not holding him.



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