Friday, March 11, 2011

Who's got the camera?

My guess? Boots. George went through this phase too, where I'd see the flash going off in random parts of the house, or I'd upload photos only to find he'd taken 37 shots of the tv. While George prefered the stairway, Boots gravitates toward the closet. Last time I caught him, I deleted 95 pictures off my camera. No, I'm not exagerating. I counted. Most of them I deleted but here are a couple shots I liked. Mostly because they were not of the ceiling, a dark, messy closet, or fingers.

This picture was one we were aware of - he wanted the camera, we gave it to him. Boots doesn't look at what he's shootimg. He just likes the click and the flash, so Kong helped him out by trying to get in the shot.

This one is just luck.

Golly, I love that little face.


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