Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the race is on.

George is a Tiger Cub Boy Scout this year. As you may know, the big event is the Pine Wood Car Derby.

I learned a lot about my husband during this time. *shakes head* See, he's one of those competitive people. If you can't tell by my tone, I'm not. He always has to have the best, the fastest, the coolest looking whatever. I gave him strict instructions that George was to do most of the work. *shakes head*

But when asked what he wanted, the boy said he wanted a trophy. So that's what we were going for. We live in a small community and it's not the hot event it is in some places, but it's meant for fun, and that's what we had.

Exhibit one: The car.

Kong did his usual research and study online, looking at pictures of winners, watching videos, finding the best way to craft the vehicle to make it a winner. Hence, the shape.

At the race, we did great. Unfortunately, Kong did not take off work to be there, so he called to grill me check in on how the process was going. "Did he get checked in? Did they have to adjust the weight? What are the tracks like? Does it have an electronic meter? What are the other cars like?" And so on and so forth. Most of the questions I couldn't answer. I dunno. I'm just the mom. What do I care? I just want my boy to have fun. And guess what? He WON!

He got second place (That's winning to me.) in his age category. He got his trophy and he was happy. The winner car won by hair so I think we did pretty good for our first year out. There were some pretty funny cars there, and the winner of Best Design, as chosen by the town cop was the Shark. Haha. Go figure. The yellow guys tail kept flying off, and the green bullet one was surprisingly fast.

Daddy was convinced they ran the race wrong. *shakes head* There's an open invitational derby in a nearby town which just happenes to fall on a day/time when Kong is not working. I am pretty sure they will be attending, based on how Kong's eyes lit up when I told him about it. *shaking head* Boys. Men.


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