Sunday, March 20, 2011

Family Fun

We have had lots of occasions, this winter, to do crafts and indoor activities, given all the snow we've had, some record setting 80 odd inches of it. The only problem is... I'm not really that good about doing them. I did happen to see this one in the February issue of Family Fun magazine and thought it looked like a good one. There's not too much for the kiddos to actually do, but the eating is fun. And dousing the treats with sprinkles - who doesn't love that?!?!.

(Oh wait. *I* don't. But nevermind. We did it anyway and nobody died. Yaaaaay!.)

While this is an activity that is not so much an activity as an opportunity to eat, it's a good way to get rid of any leftover candy canes you may have. And aren't those cavity-ridden smiles cute? Just don't tell our dentist. He's already convinced I'm a bad parent. (And if you didn't already notice Koko's gorgeous mouth bling, then just keep on not noticing and pretent I never pointed it out to you. mkay? Thanks.)

Oh, and I totally did NOT do this for Valentine's Day. I would have to be way more organized for that. It was some weeks after V-day that this occurred. *grimmace*


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