Saturday, March 19, 2011


Someone had a birthday and got some special treatment for her gift.

A little shopping trip with mom, a date with mom and dad - alone, primping at the beauty parlor, and a little bling, to make her sparkle just a little bit more.


Did you see that? I hope you didn't miss it.

Lemme zoom in a little closer.

Yep. That's right. Girlfriend got her ears pierced. So fancy. (And man, do they push the REAL gold earrings. Yes, that's real 14K gold. Because heaven forbid there's a chance that you have an allergic reaction to the stainless steel posts. Whatever. We'll do it for our kids in a heartbeat, won't we?) We decided early on that we would wait until she asked, that then she'd be ready. Well, she'd been asking, though we've been talking about it on and off for a year, and now she was naming names of all the girls at school who had them pierced. They totally suite her and she looks like she's had them forever.

Koko was very brave, albeit a tad nervous - nevermind the ear piercing technician talking about getting shots right before hand - and though she almost cried, she held out strong. We did warn her that it would hurt, but that it would be fast, done before she knew it. We also hung around the mall for an hour waiting for the extra person to get back from her very long lunch break so they could be done both ears at once. Wouldn't want to get stuck with a scared child and one ear pierced, now would we? Plus, it gave us time to honor the Dairy Queen. Huggyface too, in his own way. teehee.

We've (I) done a pretty good job remembering to clean them twice a day (dang, which reminds me we/I forgot tonight).

Oh, and the funniest thing about the whole event....

We were at the mall and Koko says, "Mom, now I won't roll over in bed anymore." (assuming she means this so she won't touch or hurt her ears.)

LOL. Ok sweetheart. Too funny, the things they think of.


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